Home Shell disables a Noble drillship for the remainder of her contract

Shell disables a Noble drillship for the remainder of her contract

5 from 2018 from September to 06: 00
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shell noble contract

The oil company Shell has decided to decommission one of the Noble Corporation drillships that operate for the company in the Gulf of Mexico.

Noble reported in its fleet status report on Tuesday that Shell had exercised the contractual right to suspend the noble-tayer ship, built in 2013, for the rest of its contract, or 183 days ending February 25, 2019. The drilling ship has been working for Shell in the Gulf of Mexico since August 2013. During the idle period, the probes will receive a daily revenue of US $ 420 , said Noble.

The driller also said Shell can redeploy the rig at any time within the remaining contract period, and the company is free to secure immediate contract opportunities.

Meanwhile, the 2014-built Noble Tom Madden drillship is preparing to deploy in Guyana. The rig's contract with ExxonMobil begins in mid-October 2018 with an end date in December. The contract also includes up to three priced options.

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Wood will provide maintenance services, modifications and shutdown support as part of the contract covering Shell's onshore facilities in Batangas and offshore assets in the Malampaya field, near the island of Palawan. The company did not provide financial details. The contract will be supported by Wood's local presence in Manila and the regional upstream center in Kuala Lumpur, creating 60 new positions. Read the full article here.

Shell selects Wood for services at Malampaya Field in the Philippines


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