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Andrade Gutierrez opens its international program for trainees

3 from 2017 to 08 at 45: XNUMX
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Enrollment runs until September 4 to attract young talent to carry out company activities in Brazil and abroad

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The Andrade Gutierrez Group is one of the largest private conglomerates in Latin America with more than six decades of experience in the field of engineering and construction in Brazil and worldwide. The group's trajectory is marked by the search for new opportunities and great challenges, and is intertwined with the history of development in Brazil. But it is also the plot of a corporation that knew how to reinvent itself and was prepared to grow even more. Today, in addition to engineering and construction, it has equity interests in profitable businesses in the areas of transport and logistics, energy, sanitation, technology, health and arena management. Vacancies opened on August 2, 2017, click here if you are interested

The program

The Trainee AG program trains young professionals to have a strategic and sustainable vision of the business, in order to get to know the company globally and contribute to the vision of the future.
For more information visit:


Completion of graduation between December/2014 and December/2017;

We will accept candidates from the following courses: Administration (with all emphasis), Architecture and Urbanism, Accounting Sciences, Social Sciences, Foreign Trade, Social Communication (with all emphasis), Law, Economics, Engineering (all), Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Marketing, Chemistry, Advertising Psychology, International Relations and Public Relations and others.

  • Advanced English required;
  • Availability to travel and live in other countries;
  • Experience with MS Office Suite® (Word, Excel and Power Point).

Meeting the disclosed prerequisites does not guarantee your approval for the next phase. An analysis of the profile of each candidate will be carried out, taking into account different needs of the program.

Remembering that the application is through a form system, so it is important to access it through a desktop or notebook computer so that typing errors or data validation do not occur. For more up-to-date industry information, like the page CLICK OIL AND GAS and turn on notifications so you don't miss anything.



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