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Macaé Thermoelectric Public Hearing in June open to the public

28 May 2018 to 19: 39
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Macaé thermoelectric offshore jobs

With the accelerated schedule for the definitive construction of the Macaé Thermoelectric, the project is already in the final stretch for the start of activities

The Nossa Senhora de Fátima Thermoelectric Plant is one of the most anticipated developments in the city of Macaé. When we say “most anticipated” it is because in this expectation vitamin, the construction of the TEMPOR (Port Terminal of Macaé) is also foreseen in the development project of the municipality. Returning to the issue of thermoelectric power, the date of the Public Hearing was scheduled for June 11th (Monday), at 18:XNUMX pm at the Hotel Gran Nobile Macaé in Bairro da Glória. Incredible as it may seem, we didn't find out about this event through the media, Facebook announcements or other means of communication, I simply opened the gate of our house and there was the banner of the event hanging almost in front of the door of my house. Are you doubting? See the photo I took right after:

We were surprised by the coincidence naturally, just when we were looking for information about it. To close the coffin for good, we got in touch to see if the disclosure was proceeding, the good news was that it did. Just below, we are leaving some specifications of the Plant, on the day of the event we will be there to obtain even more detailed information, mainly on the issue of employability.


The undertaking presented in this Environmental Impact Study – EIA, comprises the planning, implementation and operation of the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Thermoelectric Power Plant, including a Transmission Line and a dedicated Gas Pipeline, for the generation of electric energy with a capacity, in full operation, of 1.355,4 MW (gross energy). The Plant will be located in Macaé, in the North Region of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Technologies Adopted

The generation process foresees the use of three (03) completely independent generation modules, each consisting of 1 gas turbine with bypass chimney, 1 recovery boiler and 1 steam turbine, allowing both open cycle operation (operating only the gas turbine and releasing exhaust gases through the bypass chimney) or combined cycle (operating the entire set, gas turbine, recovery boiler and steam turbine). The modules will feature state-of-the-art technology from Siemens with heavy-duty SGT6-8000H gas turbines, which are more than 60% efficient with low levels of atmospheric emissions.

Natural Resources

Natural Gasl – Both natural gas from the Campos basin and treated at the Cabiúnas UTGN station, and gas from the Pre-Salt fields arriving at Cabiúnas via the Route 2 gas pipeline can be used.

Water – The plant will be supplied with water from the Macaé River, which is approximately 2 km from the UTE site. To this end, a water pipeline will be built, with about 2,5 km, connecting the capture on the Macaé River to a structure for receiving raw water located on the plant's land. The volume of water required for the plant's operations is approximately 300 l/s, with approximately 100 l/s being returned to the river after treatment.

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