Home Bolsonaro says in a live interview that he is in favor of privatizing Petrobras: See his proposals

Bolsonaro says in a live interview that he is in favor of privatizing Petrobras: See his proposals

15 January 2018 to 17: 58
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Bolsonaro is in favor of privatizing Petrobras

He refers to the Golden Share modality, adjusting taxes and duties at Petrobras is also his goal to lower fuel prices

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Bolsonaro have a firm position on the Petrobras if he gets to presidency in 2018, the privatization of the state-owned company under the Golden Share regime (Ações de Ouro in free translation from English to Portuguese), they also have plans to reduce the tax burden on fuels, which today is one of the most expensive in the world, Watch an excerpt from the interview granted to Rede TV on January 12, 2018 talking about:

Bolsonaro's interview with Rede TV 12/01/2018

But what is Golden Share?

golden share With regard to privatization, it works as follows: Although governments can privatize their state-owned companies, consequently leaving it to the private initiative, the government still has some strategic control over the companies. Among these controls, even barring corporate decisions, if the Union felt that this would affect national sovereignty. An example of Brazilian state-owned companies privatized under this regime is Embraer, Vale and Instituto Resseguros do Brasil (IRB). With that power in hand, the president says he can give a huge economic injection in the country and still protect the national workforce.

Would Privatization decrease the value of fuel?

According to the deputy, by releasing the state company to the private sector, the technological and operational demands that companies need have become cheaper for the large oil companies that already operate in Brazil. Naturally, this cost would be included in the final fuel price. Nowadays, our neighbors in South America sell their fuel almost 3 times cheaper than ours, as incredible as it seems, great parts of these countries receive oil from Brazil, but due to the high tax burden, the common Brazilian citizen ends up paying more than it should for the liter of “gasoline”, in the words of the Jair Messiah Bolsonaro.

The fact is that the Petrobras has been going through difficult times over the last 4 long years, but with its business plans, which were actually contingency plans, it has been recovering slowly. It has been opening some tenders and public tenders in recent months. Check out some of his accomplishments in the Menu above on this page in the search field or in the publications listed below.

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