Home BR Distribuidora opened its 2017 interns, technicians and engineers program throughout Brazil

BR Distribuidora opened its 2017 interns, technicians and engineers program throughout Brazil

20 April 2017 00 gies: 54
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Urgente BR Distribuidora opened its interns, technicians and engineers program throughout Brazil

Despite the crisis that devastates Brazil in all instances, especially young people who dream of entering the oil and gas industry, can now finally have a breath of hope. Colossally, the Click Oil and Gas rreceived a first hand opening of the selection process for interns, technicians and engineers. Aiming at the perspectives of a new phase of the Brazilian pre-salt, finally BR Distriuadora, above all Petrobras, understood the need to professional renovation and getting the kids to take over the operational front of Brazilian oil

For the medium level, technicians from administration, accounting, buildings, electronics, electrotechnics, information technology, maintenance, mechanics, environment, oil and gas, chemistry, secretariat, work safety, business administration, systems analyst, architecture, archiving are invited , computer sciences, accounting sciences, economic sciences, biological sciences, social communication and industrial design.

For superiors, designers, Law, environmental engineers, civil engineers, oil and gas engineers, telecommunications engineers, Electrical/Mechanical/Chemical Engineering are summoned.

About BR Distribuidora and how to register

The Petrobras Distribuidora Internship Program aims to provide the chance for students of all levels, such as technicians and seniors, to have practical experience in their chosen careers and become excellent professionals for future company projects. Watch the video below for a better understanding.

Internship Program 2017 BR Distribuidora… 

To register for the selection process of BR Distribuidora, click here now! Remembering that the selection process runs until 30/06/2017, so my friend, follower and collaborator, run and register now, because honestly another opportunity like this in 2017 will not appear so soon.

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