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Brastech Macaé discloses some more onshore and direct contact

30 July 2018 to 13: 15
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Brastech Macaé offshore vacancies

For some specific onshore functions in Macaé and region. Find out about the attributions and requirements to apply

a few more opportunities onshore in Macaé at the company Brastech, there are four very different opportunities with different qualifications. We are going to list everything that is necessary to apply, so we ask you to send your resume only for the functions that you fulfill the attributions, because the companies will only give feedback if they are within the criteria. If you want more vacancies and news, access the search field in the header of this portal.


  • Production Assistant - Male - Experience working on site - High School
  • Driver - High School - Driver's License D - Have a MOPP course - Defensive driving - 1 year experience as a driver - Male
  • Forklift Operator Vacancy - High School - Driver's License D - Forklift Operator Course - (Up to date) - Male
  • Vacancy for Electrician - High School - Course in the area of ​​low and high voltage electrical - NR 10 and NR 35 - Knowledge in industrial, building and naval electrical (vessels)

Those interested, send CV's to one of the emails: ou BUT ATTENTION: Do not forget to inform in the subject of the message the name of the vacancy, current city of residence and years of experience in these functions, we recommend that you host the photocopies of your certificates and courses in Google Drive or One Drive and put the link to them in e -mail, this makes it easier for Human Resources to evaluate you and increase the chances of hiring.

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