Home With salaries of R$ 7.170,46, the city council opens more than 500 immediate vacancies for candidates at primary, secondary and higher education levels 

With salaries of R$ 7.170,46, the city council opens more than 500 immediate vacancies for candidates at primary, secondary and higher education levels 

14 May 2024 to 18: 24
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With salaries of R$ 7.170,46, the city council opens more than 500 immediate vacancies for candidates at primary, secondary and higher education levels
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New competition by the city of Buritis announces the opening of registrations to fill hundreds of immediate vacancies. The job vacancies in the public competition range from primary to higher education candidates.

A new competition from the Buritis City Council, in the interior of Minas Gerais, had its notice recently published. The public competition aims to fill more than 526 immediate vacancies. The job vacancies are for professionals who have literacy, primary education, secondary education and higher education, with salaries between R$1.412 and R$7.170,46.

Complete list of immediate vacancies in the Buritis City Council competition

The public competition has job openings in various positions. The complete list is as follows:

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Radiology Technician;


Masonry Bricklayer;


Driver/Driver – CNH category “E”;

Health Specialist – Gynecologist – Obstetrician;

Health Specialist – On-call;

Civil engineer;


Master of Works;



Work safety engineer;

Asphalt Plant Machine Operator – Driver's license in the category required by Federal Law;

Health Specialist – Outpatient – ​​Work;

Professor PI;



Health Specialist – Orthopedist;


Professor PI – Physical Education;

Oral Hygiene Technician;

Heavy Machinery Operator – CNH category “C”;

PII Teacher – English;

PII Teacher – Mathematics;

Car Washer;

Professor PII – Artistic Education;

Administrative assistant;

Professor PII – Portuguese;

PII Professor – Religious Education;

Professor PII – Sciences;

AEE Teacher (Specialized Educational Service);


Agricultural Technician;



Professor PII – Geography;

Masonry Assistant;

Occupational Therapist;

PII Teacher – Physical Education;

Light Machinery Operator – CNH category “C”;

speech therapist;

Driver – Driver’s license category “D”;


Early Childhood Education Monitor;


Orthopedic Immobilization Technician;

General Services Assistant;

Administration Assistant;

Clinical Analysis Assistant;


Pharmacy attendant;

Health Specialist – Pediatrician;

Health Tax;

Nursing Technician;

Posture Inspector;

Municipal guard;



Administrative agent;

Professor PII – History;

School Servant;

Building Electrician;

Professor PI – Religious Education;

Internal Control Analyst;

Social Worker;

School Secretary;


Find out how to register for the public competition for immediate vacancies

The deadline for entries in the Buritis City Hall competition is from July 29th to August 29th. To compete, those interested in job vacancies must register on the Imeso website, the organization organizing the public competition. To the Participation fees vary from R$50 to R$100, depending on the role desired by the candidate.

The objective tests for the City Hall competition will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions and must take place between the 12th or 13th of October, the consultation of application sites will only be released on the 24th of September. The public competition with immediate vacancies is organized by the Instituto Mineiro Educar & Sorrir (Imeso).

If you have any questions, candidates can obtain more information from the bank via telephone (31) 3267-7172, in addition to email


O selective process It will be valid for two years, counting from the approval of the final result. The deadline may be extended once, for the same period, at the discretion of the municipal government, as established in the notice.

Why apply for jobs in the Buritis City Hall competition?

A public career It is the safest path to several careers, so betting on city hall competitions is paving a path for growth in your career. The volume of competitions is large, there are 5.570 cities distributed across the 27 federation units, in the five regions of Brazil.

The volume of competitions is enormous, which means a large number of immediate vacancies that frequently arise for professionals. Furthermore, several competitions offer very attractive remunerations, which can even justify a change of status. There are cases in which the average salary paid in municipalities in general is higher than that paid in capital cities.

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