Home Company is receiving resumes for offshore units, tankers and support vessels

Company is receiving resumes for offshore units, tankers and support vessels

30 November 2017 to 11: 30
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psv anda vessel job openings

The offshore vacancies advertised by the company on the website and on social networks are for eminent projects in all functions

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Company specializing in activities in the field of international oil and gas, Max Sun Offshore manages fleets of oil tankers, support vessels and offshore units. She also often does repair, maintenance and sizing services. Her hospitality department is managed by herself and other expertise that you will be able to refer to later. It announced 2 days ago that it is hiring professionals with experience in these types of services to fill its staff. Check out the open positions below:

Cook, Nurse, Tailor, Mechanic, Electrician, Crane Operator, ROV Operator, Pumper, Diver, DP Operator, Control Room Operator, Crane Operator, Crane Assistant, Captain, First Mate, Nautical Officer, Master, Boatswain, Cabotage Master, Chief Engineer, Engineer Officer, Engineer Conductor and Deck Seaman.

As it is an international company, naturally the language of exchange will be English, so when you send your CV or are contacted, do it in English. Be careful when using Google Translate, as this tool translates words, not concepts., it's like trying to explain to an American the difference between “coco” and “coco”. really be careful because you lose a lot in selection processes because of that.

To apply for jobs at Max Sun Offshore, send an email to, stating everything you need in the subject of the message. Remembering that these are international vacancies, as they did not place restrictions on nationality, but experience and qualifications only, we thought it would be valid to disclose here as well.  YOU MAY BE INTERESTED [Modec has vacancies today on 30/11/2017 with direct registration, click here and access the opportunities in this great company].

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