Home This invention generates up to 19.000 liters of water per day anywhere, using only air

This invention generates up to 19.000 liters of water per day anywhere, using only air

14 May 2024 to 17: 53
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Discover the Water Cube: the award-winning invention that produces water from air! Daily capacity of up to 19.000 liters in its largest version

Discover the award-winning invention that produces water from air! Daily capacity of up to 19.000 liters in its largest version

Can you imagine if there was an invention capable of generating liters and liters of water anywhere? There is and it is an artificial waterfall. The lack of water is one of the biggest evils that plague the world, which is why initiatives linked to the creation or extraction of water are of global interest. Who wouldn't want to put an end to a threat to human beings?

It seems like an almost utopian concept that could be achieved if one had the idea and the necessary resources. There is a startup from Tampa (Florida) that seems to have found the secret.

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An artificial waterfall arrives that could end the serious global drought problem

Genesis Systems LLC makes water from air and ensures this technology can be widespread. Promotes an artifact that sucks water from the air. It reported that it has a more cost-effective and scalable way of achieving this than its competitors.

In 2021, the company signed its first agreement to install a collection machine of water the size of a shipping container at the Port of San Antonio. In addition, it reached other agreements in development areas around the world, as communicated at the time by David Stuckenberg, its director of operations.

The company has been negotiating with entities from 21 countries, with a portfolio of possible agreements worth more than 100 million dollars. In recent years, this technology (which removes water from the air) has been extensively studied.

The artificial waterfall has its cons

His research intensified as climate change forced humans to live in drier, hotter spaces. However, it still may not be possible for everyone because it is much more expensive than desalination.

Another point that makes its implementation difficult is its size, as there are some solutions that only produce limited amounts of drinking water to complement primary sources. Critics also question whether removing moisture from the air can affect the climate in its precipitation.

As recorded by BNN, Stuckenberg, a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and former combat pilot, stated that this concern is not valid.

It is working on a series A financing round of around 200 million dollars, which estimates a value for the company above 1.000 million dollars. With an eye on the future, the company is considering alternatives to go public.

WATER CUBE WC-1000 system with capacity to produce 3800 – 19000 Liters/day depending on conditions. Source:

The artificial waterfall caught the attention of important investors

The invention of the artificial waterfall has among its stakeholders important investments, such as Ned Allen, former chief scientist at Lockheed Martin Corp., and Jordan Noone, co-founder of the 3D printed rocket manufacturer Relativity Space.

Water Cube is the name given to Genesis' portable device. It has a production capacity of between 1.000 and 2.000 gallons of fresh water per day at lower costs than its competition.

The professional did not give details about how they can make their technology more accessible nor did they show a firm schedule for its commercial production in 2021. What he did explain is that it could alleviate water scarcity and the tensions caused by climate change.

Water Cube Price in 2024

Water Cube wc-100, Produces more than 378 liters of water under optimal conditions. Source:

After several years of work, Water Cube was the winner of the CES 2024 Innovation Award. More details are now known.

Produces more than 378 liters of water under optimal conditions. Ideal for homes, off-grid locations or spaces where a portable water source is required. It works continuously, offering a constant supply of water 24 hours a day.

The company suggests combining the WaterCube with a larger storage system to help households effectively manage their needs, as it can only hold up to 190 liters.

The WC-100 WaterCube housing model presented at CES 2024 measured 1 meter tall and weighed 360 kg. The firm claims that its production models will weigh close to 270 kg, which is still large for conventional households. Users can control water quality with the WaterCube app.

Additionally, the firm cautions that the unit works best in instances where humidity is 35% or higher. It requires a supply voltage of 220 to 240 V, with a current consumption of 22,0 A. It has a power consumption of 6000 W and the suggested circuit breaker size is 40A.

For now, the purchase price is high, but the company says it will drop in the future: $19.995.

The artificial waterfall presents itself as a solution against drought, although for now it has not fulfilled its promise of being economical for the user. We will have to wait and see if the Genesis Systems fulfills its commitment; The first step was taken.

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