Home Requiring only a secondary level, the Municipal Guard competition is open for registration and offers salaries of R$3,1

Requiring only a secondary level, the Municipal Guard competition is open for registration and offers salaries of R$3,1

15 May 2024 to 23: 29
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Requiring only a secondary level, the Municipal Guard competition is open for registration with salaries of R$ 3,1
Photo: Folha Contests/reproduction

New Municipal Guard competition is now open for registration! Public competition has dozens of vacancies and great salaries. Find out how to participate and stay on top of deadlines and values ​​to register.

Registration is now open for another public competition for the position of Municipal Guard at the City Hall of Jacareí/SP. With a starting salary of R$3.176,40 and mid-level requirement, this municipal guard competition is a great opportunity for those looking to enter a challenging and rewarding career, contributing to the safety and well-being of the local community. 

Who can compete for the Municipal Guard competition?

According to the recently published notice, 10 vacancies are being offered in the public competition for the position of Municipal Civil Guard.

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Candidates must meet some specific requirements such as having a minimum height of 1,65 m for men and 1,60 m for women, aged between 18 and 30 years, having moral integrity proven by Social Investigation, holding a National Driving License (CNH ) in categories A and B or higher, be born or naturalized Brazilian, according to Art.12 of the Federal Constitution, have good physical and mental health, be in full enjoyment of political and civil rights, and, if male, be in good standing with Military Service.

It is worth mentioning that the municipal guard is a professional who works in the area of ​​public security to guarantee the safety of the municipality's assets and citizens. Those who are approved in the Municipal Guard competition will be responsible for looking after the assets, equipment and public buildings of the Municipality, preventing and inhibiting, through presence and surveillance, as well as restraining, criminal or administrative infractions and infractions that undermine the assets, services and municipal facilities, collaborate with the pacification of conflicts that its members witness, paying attention to respect for people's fundamental rights.

Registration for the public competition will close soon

According to the notice, the starting salary for approved in the competition Municipal Guard is R$ 3.176,40. Interested parties can register between the 11th and 30th of May, through the website of the competition's organizing committee, ILD.

The participation fee is R$8,55. It is important to mention that there is the possibility of requesting an exemption from the registration fee on May 13th and 14th., as long as they meet the criteria established in the notice.


The Jacareí municipal guard competition will consist of several eliminatory and qualifying stages. The first stage consists of an objective test, lasting 3 hours, consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, covering various areas of knowledge. This phase is eliminatory and classificatory in nature. Candidates who pass the objective test will be called for the Physical Fitness Test (TAF), which aims to assess their ability to perform physical efforts and resistance to fatigue. This stage is eliminatory and qualifying, and will consist of three specific physical tests.

Other stages of the public tender

Those who pass the TAF must undergo a Psychological Assessment, with a focus on verifying whether they have the appropriate profile to perform the duties of Municipal Guard.

This phase is eliminatory. At this stage, candidates for the Municipal Guard competition will have their moral and social conduct investigated, with the aim of proving their suitability for the position. This is an eliminatory phase.


Those approved in the previous stages will undergo a Medical Examination, with the aim of assessing whether they are in good physical and mental health to carry out the activities inherent to the position of Municipal Guard. This phase is also eliminatory.

Finally, candidates approved in all previous stages must participate in a training course, which is the last eliminatory phase of the competition.

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