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Grupo Mônaco announces investment of R$60 million in dealerships in Mato Grosso and creates hundreds of new jobs

Written by Deborah Araújo
Published 10/07/2024 às 08:24
Grupo Mônaco announces investment of R$60 million in dealerships in Mato Grosso and creates hundreds of new jobs
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Grupo Mônaco unlocks the economy and creates new jobs in Mato Grosso by announcing a million-dollar investment.

The Monaco Group, recognized for its impact on automotive sector, announced a significant investment of R$60 million in the opening of new dealerships in the cities of Água Boa and Barra do Garças, in Vale do Araguaia, Mato Grosso. This initiative promises to boost the local economy and generate direct and indirect jobs, reinforcing the group's presence in the region.

Expansion in the Araguaia Valley

Água Boa and Barra do Garças are strategic cities due to their strong agricultural development. With a thriving economy, Vale do Araguaia is made up of 25 municipalities and has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of more than R$22 billion. This value is higher than the GDP of states such as Amapá, Roraima and Acre, demonstrating the economic relevance of the region.

The Monaco Group's decision to invest in the region was based on market analyzes that highlighted the economic vitality of the Araguaia Valley.

“In our market analysis in Mato Grosso, we had already seen the strength of Vale do Araguaia, a rapidly developing region, where we already operate with trucks and buses from VWCO, GID Locações, Consórcio BrQualy and Banco Luso Brasileiro”, stated the CEO of Grupo Mônaco , Rui Denardin.

Main highlights regarding the Monaco Group’s new investment

The investment of R$60 million will be allocated to opening of four new dealerships: two from the Fiat brand, one from Jeep and one from RAM. In Água Boa, one of the 100 richest agribusiness cities, a Fiat dealership will be installed. The municipality has a Gross Value Added (VAR) of R$6,4 billion in agribusiness alone, standing out as an economic hub in the region.

Barra do Garças, with a GDP of R$2,5 billion, will receive three units from the Monaco Group: Jeep, RAM and Fiat. The choice of these brands reflects the group's strategy of meeting a growing demand for premium vehicles, which have great synergy with truck and bus customers, in addition to the rental and consortium services offered by the group.

Economic impact and generation of new jobs

The expectation is that opening of new dealerships further boosts the local economy, generating direct and indirect jobs. The creation of new job opportunities is essential for the development of cities and for improving the quality of life of the region's inhabitants.

“We are investing around R$60 million in these cities, completing our ecosystem with four more dealerships, two in the premium segment, which have a lot of synergy with truck and bus customers, GID Locações, Consórcio BrQualy and Banco Luso Brasileiro. We always seek to combine the growth of the Monaco Group with the development of the regions in which we are located, a characteristic that we have maintained since the opening of our first dealership in 1977”, emphasized Denardin.

The Monaco Group

With 46 years of experience in the automotive segment, the Mônaco Group is made up of several companies: Mônaco Diesel – VWCO Trucks and Buses; Monaco Vehicles – Fiat; Monaco Motocenter – Honda motorcycles; Used Monaco; BrQualy Consortium; GID Heavy Vehicle Rental and Banco Luso Brasileiro. The group's concessionaires operate in seven Brazilian states: Pará, Amapá, Maranhão, Rondônia, Piauí, Mato Grosso and Goiás, in addition to having an office in São Paulo.

The Mônaco Group's national coverage is expanded by the services of GID Locações, BrQualy and Banco Luso Brasileiro, which complement the group's portfolio and offer integrated solutions to customers.

Sustainable development

The Monaco Group's strategy of investing in regions with strong agricultural development is also aligned with a vision of sustainability and social responsibility. The Araguaia Valley is a prominent agricultural region, with 3,5 million hectares planted per year between soybeans and corn, in addition to 5 million hectares dedicated to livestock farming. This agricultural development is fundamental for the local economy and for the sustainability of the Brazilian agricultural sector.

The Mônaco Group's investment in Vale do Araguaia reflects confidence in the region's growth potential. If the Araguaia Valley were a country, it would have the highest economic growth in the world in 2022. This data highlights the strategic importance of the region for Brazil's economic development.

With the opening of new dealerships, the Mônaco Group not only reinforces its presence in Mato Grosso, but also contributes to the sustainable development of the region, creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy.

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