Home There will be another Petrobras tender in 2018: Start preparing now!

There will be another Petrobras tender in 2018: Start preparing now!

December 11 from 2017 to 07: 00
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preparatory petrobras

With the recent acquisitions and its new successful business model, Petrobras will open a new tender for 2018 for all positions.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Petrobras will open a new tender for 2018, although it has not been officially launched yet, Click Petróleo e Gás was talking to a “Cachorro Grande” from the state-owned company and it is confirmed, by We assume full and absolute responsibility for this information. This is the result of successful business plans, such as new acquisitions of assets, new fleets of platforms to come to operate in the Santos Basin and the beginning of more in-depth studies in the pre-salt of the Campos Basin. It is simply essential to hire more employees via public tender.

But you must be wondering: “Wow, they even called the people who took the test in the last contest they had in 2017…” Your mistake! The public notice with the list of those approved for 2017 has just come out on 4/012/2017, the second phase, which is the physical tests, will take place soon. [Access the list of approved here in 2017].

In the last competition, there were relatively few positions available, but in 2018 it will be completely different. It will open opportunities for almost all formations. Higher, Technical, Secondary Education for both operational and administrative areas, that is, the portfolio of positions and your chances will be much greater this time.

But it's one thing to open the contest, it's another thing to pass it. This is one of the most anticipated and disputed selection processes in Brazil, so be aware that the dispute will be fierce. Lucky for you, we are providing 3 specific handouts made to pass these tests. They are Portuguese, Mathematics (common to all positions) and 1 Operations Technician. (CLICK HERE AND GET YOUR BOOKLETS TO PASS THE CONTEST). So start studying and preparing now, because the contest will take place in the 1st semester of 2018. Whatsapp and telegram jobs.

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