Home Have you ever thought about teaching Mechanics classes in a technical course?

Have you ever thought about teaching Mechanics classes in a technical course?

26 from 2018 from September to 12: 48
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Have you ever thought about teaching Mechanics classes in a technical course?

Technical school is looking for a qualified professional in the area of ​​mechanics to teach classes in its teaching units

Industrial mechanics and maintenance workers maintain and repair industrial equipment and other industrial machinery, such as conveyor systems, production machines, and packaging equipment. Professionals in this field install, disassemble, repair, reassemble and move machines in factories, power plants and construction sites. But there is another side to the profession, they are the mechanics teachers who are conquering the market every day, teaching classes in colleges and technical schools. The vacancy presented here is for a professional dedicated to teaching classes.

vacancy and requirements

Vacancy: Instructor II

  • complete higher education
  • Have knowledge in the field of mechanics
  • Working hours from 18 pm to 22 pm (20 hours a week)
  • VT, VA, Health Plan, Private Pension, etc.
  • Activities - Teach classes related to Mechanics in technical courses and non-regulated courses according to demand

In general, professionals in this area teach theoretical and practical classes in high school, in public and private technical schools, monitor production in the educational and cultural area, plan the course, discipline and pedagogical project, evaluate the teaching-learning process , prepare classes and participate in institutional activities. For the development of activities, a set of communicative capacities is mobilized.

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