Home Keuri Metodo completes the first stage of Comperj and announces good news

Keuri Metodo completes the first stage of Comperj and announces good news

5 July 2018 to 18: 45
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Comperj works are coming and 4 companies are fiercely fighting to take over the UPGN

The period of inspection, receipt of materials and equipment for the construction works of the UPGN has just ended

Another big step was taken by Keuri Metodo at Comperj, the inspection part, receipt of materials and equipment for the UPGN works has just been completed. The consortium said that now another stage of the undertaking will begin. Remembering that at this moment, the construction of the construction site and the earthmoving part of the land are taking place, but Keuri Metodo had already announced that effective hiring would start in July, which apparently will be completed on time.

So get ready, in the coming days there may be calls for selection processes, but the company has already advised that it will take advantage of the workforce of this first stage in the second, workers who are already in the enterprise, can rest assured. In addition, outsourced companies will be carrying out activities there as well, here are some:

EBC Engineering

MIP Engineering

EBSE Engineering

Keuri Method

***Click on the colored names to access the e-mail and contacts to apply

Just below, you can check the publication of Metodo Keuri on July 5, 2018 at 18:00 pm, so stay tuned for the next publications, we are monitoring 24 hours a day, the moment new hires are published, we will immediately launch the notification about it. So come with Click Petróleo e Gás in this endeavor, true and updated news from Monday to Friday on our channels

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