Home Tenders that SBM Offshore will participate from 2019

Tenders that SBM Offshore will participate from 2019

28 July 2018 to 10: 00
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sbm petrobras payment corruption

After the leniency agreement with AGU and the settlement of accounts with Petrobras, SBM will return strongly to the FPSO market next year

SBM Offshore finally overcame some legal obstacles and will return strong to the FPSO market, just in time for bids for installations of new units by 2022, according to Petrobras' strategic investment plan for revitalizing wells in the Campos Basin and maximizing production, in the Santos Basin. Below is the list of assets that SBM will participate in full force:

Marlin, Mero and Parque das Baleias

marlin ⇒ Two platforms will be installed in this field and all the others (10) will be demobilized. The units will be called FPSO Marlim 1 and FPSO Marlim, with a production date for 2021. The proposals will be delivered on September 10

Mero ⇒ Petrobras, Shell, Total, CNPC and CNOOC are in it in a consortium and the name of the unit will be MERO 2, scheduled for 2022 the date of its first production in this field. On October 15th, the proposals will be delivered for the sale of this asset

Whale Park ⇒ The FPSO Parque das Baleias will also be destined for the Campos Basin to increase the recovery factor, the deadline for proposals to be delivered is September 10

SBM Offshore will have to reimburse around 1,2 billion reais to public coffers, which will be paid in two ways: BRL 549 million will be paid directly by the company and the other BRL 667 million will be deducted from the “company’s future contracts in the country” . Curiosity: here is a short list of some FPSO belonging to the company:

  • Aseng FPSO
  • Brazil FPSO
  • Capixaba FPSO
  • City of Anchieta FPSO
  • City of Ilhabela FPSO
  • City of Marica FPSO
  • City of Paraty FPSO
  • City of Saquarema FPSO


  • Falcon FPSO
  • Kikeh FPSO
  • Kuito FPSO
  • Marlim Sul FPSO
  • Mondo FPSO
  • P-57 FPSO
  • Saxi-Batuque FPSO
  • FPSO coil

SBM will pay Petrobras R$549 million (US$148 million)

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