Home Odebrecht makes agreement with CGU and AGU, focusing on industrial recovery.

Odebrecht makes agreement with CGU and AGU, focusing on industrial recovery.

11 July 2018 to 06: 38
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After an agreement with the CGU and AGU, Odebrechet is organizing itself to resume business, but for that it needs to increase its confidence through the sectors of the economy and society.

It is not news that the Odebrecht company has been working 24 hours a day to return to business and, above all, credibility in the face of the economy and society. The company's management has spared no efforts to create a bridge between its new management structure and society as a whole. She is taking an important step in the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and the Advocacy General of the Union (AGU), showing that she is the most interested in the transparency process in Brazil.

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A BRL 2,7 billion trust was established in the agreement, according to the pronouncement of the CEO of Odebrecht SA, Luciano Guidolin: “This agreement allows us to advance in a more sustainable way in the resumption of growth, mainly at Odebrecht Engenharia e Construção. Our commitment is to act as an example of ethics, integrity and transparency in the pursuit of projects that demand the best we have to offer society: the technical experience of someone who is recognized as one of the best representatives of Brazilian engineering excellence”. For more information about the resumption, read the article that was published on May 27th explaining the company's restructuring process clicking here.

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 Odebrecht Ocyan

With the resumption of Odebrecht, the business opportunity will be immense, especially in Ocyan, the new name of Odebrecht Oil and Gas, clicking on the link below, we have an article dedicated to this topic. Odebrecht Oil and Gas changes name to secure contracts in 2018. According to specialists, the agreement between Odebrecht and the Federal Agencies will increase the probability of work, contracts, thus leveraging the Oil and Gas sector and undoubtedly bringing a new perspective to the local industry. Below are the sectors that could form dozens of opportunities.

  • Offshore Maintenance and Services
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Offshore Production
  • Subsea Construction

For more information, access the details of the entire Odebreche SA transparency process before the CGU and AGU.

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