Home Porto do Açú with several job vacancies until the 5th of October

Porto do Açú with several job vacancies until the 5th of October

4 October 2018 to 09: 57
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Porto do Açú vacancies jobs

Opportunities range from operational to administrative areas in Porto do Açú, the registration of resumes will end this Friday.

Great job opportunities in Porto do Açú on several work fronts and the selection of resumes is being carried out by the Department of Labor and Income of São João da Barra via direct registration. You do not need to appear in person on site, we will leave all the necessary paths for you to register. But before you read on, make sure your resumes are well formatted, as you will need to upload them. Here are the vacancies:

Tax Assistant

Tax Assistant - Domain of the Office Package, knowledge of SAP. It is necessary to know about ICMS, ISS, IPI legislation in addition to good interpersonal skills and proactivity. Submit your CV by clicking here.

CCTV Operator and Receptionist (Bilingual and non-bilingual)

  • CCTV Operator - Proven experience in the function, complete high school, course in the area and good knowledge of computers.
  • Receptionist – High school diploma, basic knowledge of the Office package. Experience in customer service preferred.
  • Bilingual Receptionist - Completed High School, basic knowledge in the Office Package, fluent in English (Speaking and Writing)

For these vacancies, register your resumes here

Commercial Area

Commercial Area – Proven experience in the area of ​​commercial representation, office package, complete primary education aged between 45 and 60 years. For this role, click here to send your resumes.

Assembler Mechanic, Fitter Mechanic, Pump Operator, Power and Control Electrician and Instrumentalists

For professionals who have proven experience in their work portfolio as an Assembler Mechanic, Adjuster Mechanic, Pump Operator, Power and Control Electrician and Instrumentalists, may be sending their resumes here.

Maintenance Electricians

These must have proven experience in the CLT function, training courses in the electrical area and other certificates inherent in the sector. Interested and within the function, you can send your CV here.

The deadline for you to be applying for these vacancies is until October 5, 2018, the form will automatically stop the registrations.  If they want to work on board without having technical or higher courses, just buy the course by clicking here.

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