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Human Resources invites professionals to work in Ports

14 June 2018 to 08: 45
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Portugal Portos Vacancies Human Resources

Opportunities are intended for maintenance technicians, learn about the requirements and qualifications needed

The Human Resources Manager at Spring Professional requests experienced professionals with technical training to work in Porto as a Maintenance Technician. The ports to which the candidates will work are: Aveiro, São João da Madeira, Cesar and Braga, both in Portugal. Another company in Portugal that is also receiving resumes for a steel company in Portugal, Brazilians can apply and have a guaranteed ticket if they pass the Weldpro selection process (Click here).

Professional Requirements

  • Technical training in any area
  • Experience in maintenance activities
  • proof of schooling
  • For Brazilians who are not residents of Portugal, a passport is required

Human Resources informs that those interested and within the function, please send your CV to, informing in the title of the e-mail the vacancy for which you are applying and mentioning in the body of the message your country of origin and if you have availability of morals in Portugal.

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