Home Seadrill makes a big call for professionals who want to start a career in the company

Seadrill makes a big call for professionals who want to start a career in the company

13 July 2018 to 11: 52
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Seadrill is a deepwater drilling contractor serving the oil and gas industry. It has operations in Angola, Brunei, Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Thailand, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States and United Kingdom. It really is a good company to start an international career due to the high employability rate of Brazilians, such as Marcão and other followers who managed to travel abroad for the company, at the time we announced processes there and which you can check here later.

Regarding the statement, she made it 2 days ago on her social network, calling on professionals to join her operational team, read: ” Want to join the #Seadrill team? ? Explore our latest job openings and start your career with us:”( If you want to join the Seadrill team, explore the latest job openings to start your career with us, in literal translation). But keep in mind that the opportunities currently open are international. Read her statement and then the list of open positions.

Open jobs

Most of the opportunities are for work in the Golf of Mexico and some places in Asia, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the point of view), these places are deficient in local professionals in this specific type of work, that's why the high demand by Brazilians. Here are some of the positions available:

  • Bosun
  • Roustabout
  • HR Administrator
  • Electrician_GOM_Local Nationals
  • Electronic Technician
  • Derrickman
  • Dynamic Positioning Operator_
  • Engine Room Operator
  • Engine Room Operator – 3rd Asst Engineer
  • Subsea Supervisor
  • Roustabout_GOM
  • Senior Dynamic Positioning Operator
  • internal auditor
  • Solution Architect (Technology)
  • Driller Operations (Offshore)
  • Crane Operator Operations (Offshore)
  • Roustabout

The terms are in English, if you wish, use Google Translate to translate them, but remember: You can even deceive the system, but you will not be able to deceive the recruiter, so run after learning English now, mastering this language it is no longer a differential, but a must for those who wish to enter the oil and gas industry. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SEADRILL APPLICATION PAGE OR SEE THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION BELOW.

Seadrill Announcement

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