Home Shell leases Petroserv offshore unit to start drilling in Campos Basin

Shell leases Petroserv offshore unit to start drilling in Campos Basin

17 February 2018 to 09: 56
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Shell and Petroserv work together now

The drilling rig will be destined for the Parque das Conchas field, Shell begins to form partnerships with Brazilian companies

A Shell finally hits the hammer and begins to see the potential of Brazilian companies to support their drilling activities. There was an event this week where the Petroserv and Shell signed a lease agreement semi-submersible rig Catarina, intended for Parque das Conchas, in the Campos Basin. The campaigns will start later this year and set precedents for more future charters. The President of Shell Brasil, André Araújo, is optimistic, see his statement in the video below:

In fact, Shell already owns half of the operating concession for this field, its partners ONGC and QP holding 27% and 23% respectively. The FPSO Espírito Santo is producing in this well and it belongs to SBM offshore. So far, there are twenty two interconnected wells in this production unit: Campo do Argonauta(14), Campo da Ostra(7) and Campo de Abalone(1). According to the ANP, around 45,8 thousand barrels of oil were produced daily in November 2017 in the sum of these three assets.

In fact, since December 2017 the CEPEM has been doing many selection processes for various offshore positions ( see some articles of her signings here), after a while we learned that the Human Resources of the company was hired by Shell and Ventura, but it had not been disclosed which units would be allocated candidates. Well, now this pronouncement explains a lot, doesn't it? Here are some photos of a great selection process held in January there:

Remembering that Ibama released Shell to drill five wells, cities in the interior of Rio can gain a base from the company. More offshore units and support vessels will be chartered to carry out activities, Rio and cities in the interior will have a logistical and support base for their operations, who knows one of these vacancies may be yours, but for that, you need to have at least education technician. If you want, the school Premium was released by CREA and MEC to solve this in 45 days.  FIND OUT HOW BY CLICKING HERE, THE COMPANY WILL CALL YOU SOON.

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