Home Solar Coca-Cola launches new job openings in Brazil; Opportunities for delivery driver, planning analyst, mechanic, maintenance technician and more

Solar Coca-Cola launches new job openings in Brazil; Opportunities for delivery driver, planning analyst, mechanic, maintenance technician and more

22 April 2024 18 gies: 22
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Solar Coca-Cola launches new job openings in Brazil; Opportunities for delivery driver, planning analyst, mechanic, maintenance technician and more
Photo: Disclosure/Solar Coca-Cola

Vacancies announced with applications open until April 26th: Understand how Solar Coca-Cola is expanding its operations and offering new job opportunities

Solar Coca-Cola, one of the leading manufacturers of the Coca-Cola System in Brazil and around the world, there are currently several job openings open in various locations across the country. Positions range from Delivery Driver to Maintenance Supervisor, reflecting the wide range of opportunities available at the company that values ​​the talent and passion of its employees. With a strong presence in the North, Northeast and Mato Grosso, Solar Coca-Cola is looking for solar professionals who are ready to join a dynamic and innovative team.

Solar Coca-Cola stands out not only for the scale of its operations, capable of producing more than three billion liters of drinks per year, but also for its corporate culture. The company promotes an environment where the passion for what is done is palpable, and where each employee is valued not only as a worker, but as an integral part of the “solar magic”.

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Working at Solar Coca-Cola means being part of a giant employer that not only offers a stable career but also a competitive benefits package. This includes health and dental plans, meal or cafeteria vouchers, transportation vouchers or chartered transport, life insurance, as well as benefits such as profit sharing, product discounts, private pension, and health incentive programs. The company is also notable for its extended maternity and paternity leave policies, underlining its commitment to the well-being of its employees.

Job openings at Solar Coca-Cola

  • Delivery Driver – Rondonópolis MT (Advertised on 22/04/2024, Registration until 29/04/2024)
  • Delivery Driver – Mossoró/RN – Temporary (Advertised on 20/04/2024, Applications until 26/04/2024)
  • Delivery Driver – Vitória da Conquista – BA (Advertised on 18/04/2024, Registration until 24/04/2024)
  • Production Planning and Control Analyst II – São Luís – MA (Announced on 19/03/2024, Registration until 30/04/2024)
  • Lecturer (North Regional) – Manaus – AM (Announced on 19/04/2024, Registration until 26/04/2024)
  • Auto Mechanic I – Macaíba/RN (Announced on 27/02/2024, Registration until 26/04/2024)
  • Electrical Maintenance Technician I – Cabo de Santo Agostinho – PE (Advertised on 20/04/2024, Registration until 27/04/2024)
  • Maintenance Supervisor I – Simões Filho – BA (Announced on 14/02/2024, Registration until 24/04/2024)

Explore more opportunities from the link provided below.

How to apply

To apply for one of the job openings at Solar Coca-Cola, interested parties must access THIS LINK and follow the instructions for submitting applications. It is important to prepare an updated and personalized CV for the desired position, highlighting relevant experiences and skills. Additionally, it is recommended that you review the job requirements carefully and prepare for possible interviews or practical tests.

Employee Salaries

Solar Coca-Cola offers a variety of employment opportunities with a competitive salary structure that reflects the company's commitment to valuing its employees. For example, sales promoters are paid between R$1 and R$2, while administrative assistants have salaries in the same range, demonstrating a solid starting pay standard for entry-level roles. 

Salespeople and external salespeople, positions crucial to the success of operations, have salaries ranging from R$2 to R$3 and R$2 to R$9, respectively, reflecting the importance and performance in these roles. Therefore, supervisors and coordinators, who play fundamental roles in management and leadership, are well compensated with salary ranges ranging from R$4 to R$5 and R$7 to R$8, respectively. These salaries can reach up to R$18 for sales supervisors, depending on performance and experience, highlighting opportunities for growth and financial reward in the company.

About Solar Coca-Cola

Solar Coca-Cola is the result of the merger of several companies, including Norsa, Renosa, Guararapes and, more recently, Grupo Simões, becoming a powerhouse in the beverage sector. The company is the second largest manufacturer of the Coca-Cola System in Brazil and is among the thirteen largest in the world. Covering a vast area that includes the North, Northeast and the state of Mato Grosso, Solar Coca-Cola operates in around 70% of the national territory, serving approximately 400 thousand points of sale. The company is proud of its team of approximately 15 thousand employees who are the true essence of the “solar magic” that the company promotes.

The continuous expansion of Solar Coca-Cola is reflected in the constant announcement of job vacancies, seeking to attract new talents that can contribute to the growth journey and company success. With several vacancies open in different functions and locations, Solar Coca-Cola reaffirms its commitment to job creation and professional development in Brazil. Each new vacancy is an open door to join a vibrant and passionate team, in a company that not only leads in innovation and production in the beverage market, but also stands out for its respect for the well-being and development of its employees.

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