Home Thermoelectric plants in Bahia will receive investments of R$ 400 million from the Chinese group

Thermoelectric plants in Bahia will receive investments of R$ 400 million from the Chinese group

12 July 2018 to 06: 20
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Jiangsu Communication Clean Energy Technology from China will invest BRL 400 million in two thermoelectric plants in the state of Bahia and works for the immediate start of works

Two Thermoelectric plants in Bahia attract the attention of investors from world companies, demonstrating interest and the possibility of doing business in Brazil, bringing huge investments and promising financial returns that will help improve the national economy. The energy sector is among the most coveted in the competition for bids that allow access to the long-awaited signed contract. Among global investors, what stands out is the Chinese group Jiangsu Communication Clean Energy Technology (CCETC), which, later this month, will announce when it will start the investment project.

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The investors will control the plants and all the management of the works and 50% of the operations, but the group's intention is to obtain 100% control of the two thermoelectric plants. With 143 MW of power each, the plants corresponded with profits for investors and for the region where they are established. Thermoelectric plants powered by diesel oil in Brazil were the target of several criticisms because of the costs, but the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) is quite optimistic since since 2006 all these investments are expected.

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Thermoelectric and Job Generation

The good news in relation to investments in plants is that for them to work at full speed, many qualified and trained employees are needed, who have aptitude for health, safety and the environment. Professionals from the most varied areas such as: boilermaking, electrical, maintenance, mechanics, automation, engineering, security, logistics, HR, occupational medicine, administration, general services and many other areas. We know that Brazil went through a very serious crisis, it is natural that we lose confidence in the recovery of the economy and in political credibility, more believing in future job opportunities. Click on the following link and read one of our posts Ressignifying is necessary. Getting something good out of the situation will make you stronger.

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