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Offshore job openings in Macaé – Listen to the call

31 January 2018 to 12: 13
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offshore platform climber jobs

Offshore industrial services company in Macaé has job openings for boilermakers confirmed by the CPG.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]More vjob search confirmed by our portal in the city of Macaé-RJ for activities of offshore maintenance. The company that is hiring boilermakers is Cesar & Fritsch Offshore Services and Maintenance for immediate start. We called to check the veracity of the information and we are happy to inform you that you can go all out. First of all, listen to the audio below the link that the Click Oil and Gas made for the company, confirming the selection process, without then, see, the requirements to apply:


All applicants must have taken Irata or Abendi courses from certified schools authorized to teach the course. It will be necessary to prove that you have more than 500 hours in rope access activities. It is mandatory that everyone has more than 1 year of offshore experience, it can be in Flare or similar equipment. If interested, you can take your resume on the street João Batista Quaresma, 90, Novo Cavaleiros-Macae or send your resumes to the email, informing the name of the vacancy in the function.

she acts in  ships and platforms, flare boom, tourent, heliport, confined areas, towers, burners, pipes, diagonal columns, cranes, spider deck, plating, lifeboat painting and industrial and building painting in general, maintenance of telecommunications towers , thermoelectric plants, steel mills and refineries. Other related activities include:

• Industrial Mountaineering
• Outline
• Industrial painting
• Assembly
• Boiler
• Welding
• Hydroblasting
• Cleaning
• Non-destructive tests (LP, PM, Ultrasound)
• Paint tests (Hollyday Detector

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