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Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid 0KM for less than R$66 become the cheapest cars in Brazil

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 07/05/2024 às 01:37
Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid 0KM for less than R$66 become the cheapest cars in Brazil
Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid 0KM for less than R$66 thousand/Disclosure

Promotion: Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid are sold for less than R$66 and rank as the cheapest cars in Brazil. Check out all the details!

In the ring of the cheapest cars in Brazil, the dispute between Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid heats up even more! The last few weeks have seen a flurry of promotions for both models, with discounts that hurt the pride of the official price list.

Fiat Mobi and Renault Kwid: who will be the discount champion? This is the question that drives people looking for a new car without spending a lot. The bombastic offers of recent times make it clear that the two models are willing to do anything to win the hearts and pockets of consumers.

But who will take the trophy? It's hard to say, as the battle is so fierce! O Mobi, with its compact and versatile nature, offers good value for money and stands out in terms of fuel economy. Already the kwid, with a more robust look and more generous internal space, stands out for its robustness and competitive price. If you're thinking about buying a new car and your budget is tight, keep an eye on this dispute! Mobi and Kwid promotions could be your chance to make your dream of owning a car come true without compromising your budget.

What does the Fiat Mobi deliver as one of the cheapest cars in Brazil?

O Fiat Mobi Like 1.0 MT 2024/2024, for example, costs R$72.990 on the list and is being offered for R$65.890 until the end of the month. In practice, they are R$7.100 discount. Once financed, the Fiat Mobi comes in plans with R$37.969 (57,67%) down payment and balance in 60 installments of R$899, with rates and interest of 1,39% per month and 18,02% per year. Financing for this, which is one of the cheapest cars in Brazil, is R$81.119,99.

As standard, the Fiat Mobi offers equipment with air conditioning, power steering, electric windows and locks, ABS brakes, dual airbags, on-board computer, rear wiper and defogger and tire pressure monitor. In addition, the 2024 model line gained daytime running lights, seat belt warning, emergency braking alert, turn signal repeaters in the rear view mirrors and electronic stability control (ESP).

The mechanical set is carried out by the 1.0 Fire Evo engine that produces 71 horsepower, 9,3 kgfm with gasoline, and 74 horsepower and 9,7 kgfm when fueled by ethanol. With gasoline, according to factory data, urban consumption is 13,5 km/liter and highway consumption is 15 km/l. With ethanol, the averages are 9,6 and 10,4 km/liter, respectively. According to the automaker, the Fiat Mobi, which is one of the cheapest cars in Brazil, It can travel up to 700 km on a single tank.

Is Renault Kwid still worth it in 2024?

In the case of the Renault Kwid, the Zen 1.0 MT 2024/2025 model costs R$72.640 and, until the end of the month, the model can be purchased for R$65.330 (R$7.310 rebate). Financed, this car, which is also among the cheapest cars in Brazil, comes under the following conditions: 30% down payment (R$ 20.105,82) and balance financed in 48 fixed installments of R$ 1.308,35, with interest of 0,99 % (am). The total value of the model is R$82.906,41. 

As standard, the Renault Kwid offers items such as air conditioning, electric power steering, electric windows, radio with Bluetooth, 4 airbags, digital instrument panel, stability and traction controls, start-stop system, hill start assistant and tire pressure alert.

Under the hood, all versions of the Renault Kwid have the same 1.0 SCe engine with 3 cylinders, 12 valves, which delivers 71 hp and 10 kgfm on ethanol. With gasoline, there are 68 hp and 9,4 kgfm. Consumption data of 15,3 km/l with gasoline in the city and 15,7 km/l on the highway. With ethanol, the averages are 10,8 km/l and 10,9 km/l.

What is the best-selling car of the quarter?

Leaving aside the cheapest cars in Brazil and moving on to the best-selling, Volkswagen, once again, led with the VW Polo. The hatch sold 12.434 units in April, a volume that demonstrates that the national automotive market is growing again.

Second place, which was Chevrolet onix, is also growing: it sold 1334 more units than in March. Overall, 164.365 passenger cars were sold in April, an increase of 19,21% compared to the previous month.

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