Home Structural in Macaé has vacancies available in the Campos Basin

Structural in Macaé has vacancies available in the Campos Basin

26 July 2018 to 16: 37
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Structural Industrial Services;
Structural Industrial Services;

ONSHORE vacancies are opened by a company in the Industrial Maintenance area. The selection process is for the Macaé-RJ unit.

The company Estrutural, at its unit in Macaé-RJ, opens Vacancies Onshore that will give opportunities to professionals in the industrial sector (maintenance). It's worth taking this opportunity and ending your employee week. Update your CV and secure your place in this highly competitive job market. At the end of this article, consult the related links so that you can get ahead and guarantee your success in this journey.

Open positions

  • Climbing boilermaker – Must have experience in the function, up-to-date certificates, complete elementary school, Salvage and Huet
  • Climb Welder – Skills with MIG, ER and other welding modalities, job experience and boarding courses
  • Scaffolding Assembler – Scaffolding Assembler Course, Job experience, CBSP and Huet up to date

To apply for vacancies, you must send your resume to, informing in the title of the subject the name of the vacancy of interest. Click Petróleo e Gás urges you to send your resume only if you match the attributions mentioned above. BUT ATTENTION, WE DID THE EMAIL TEST EARLIER AND IT WAS WORKING, IT SEEMS THAT NOW MANY ARE REPORTING THAT THE MESSAGE IS COMING BACK, WE DON'T KNOW THE REASON YET

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Structural is at Reduc Refinery

Electromechanical Construction and Assembly, Industrial and Offshore Maintenance are part of the portfolio of services that Estrutural is able to perform, due to this, it ended up winning a contract to perform a maintenance stop at the Duque de Caxias Refinery (REDUC) in Rio de Janeiro . She has been picking up resumes through the union and by email, check out the opportunities here.

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