Home Autobahn, the road with no speed limit and which can only be passed on the left: check out what you need to know about the famous and dangerous German road

Autobahn, the road with no speed limit and which can only be passed on the left: check out what you need to know about the famous and dangerous German road

14 May 2024 to 21: 03
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Photo: reproduction Quatro Rodas/Canva

Discover the details of the German Autobahn, where adrenaline and safety meet on a unique asphalt

The German Autobahn is famous worldwide for its sections no speed limit, attracting enthusiasts of cars from all corners of the planet. Driving on these roads is a dream for many, but it requires attention to specific rules to ensure a safe and legal experience. Check out everything you need to know about the Autobahn, from traffic regulations to safety tips to make the most of this adventure!

What is the Autobahn?

In Germany, “Autobahn” refers to a high-speed federal highway network. Contrary to what many people think, not the entire length of these roads is free of speed limits. Only certain specific sections allow drivers speed up without restrictions, while others have limits that vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.

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Respecting the Rules: Safe Driving on the Autobahn

To drive on the Autobahn safely, it is crucial to understand and follow some basic rules:

  • Left Lane: The left lane is intended exclusively for overtaking. After overtaking a vehicle, it is mandatory to return to the center or right lane to allow other drivers to pass.
  • Variable Limits: On many sections of the Autobahn, speed limits are adjustable and indicated by electronic signs. These signs change depending on traffic flow and weather conditions, ensuring the safety of all users.
  • Recommended Speed: Even on sections without speed limits, the Recommended speed is 130 km/h. Exceeding this speed is permitted, but requires caution and extra attention.

Fines and inspection on the road 

Although the Autobahn allows high speeds, the supervision is strict. Highway police officers, known as Autobahnpolizei, constantly monitor highways with cameras and radar. If you are caught exceeding the limits in restricted areas, you could face severe fines and other penalties.

Report from an Autobahn Experiencer, Rodrigo Machado, presenter of the Acelerados channel: “I was in a Porsche 911, experiencing the freedom of speed. However, on a stretch with a variable limit, I was caught on the radar. The police went to the Porsche headquarters to identify the driver. It was an important lesson about paying attention to signs.”

Driving on the Autobahn is a unique experience that combines high speed and strict safety. To make the most of this adventure, it is essential to understand and respect local traffic rules. With caution and attention, you can enjoy one of the most exciting roads in the world!

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