Home CIEE opens registrations for MORE THAN 50 free online courses; opportunities come with a certificate.

CIEE opens registrations for MORE THAN 50 free online courses; opportunities come with a certificate.

3 April 2024 10 gies: 56
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CIEE vacancies, (Image: reproduction)
CIEE vacancies, (Image: reproduction)

O Business School Integration Center (CIEE) has great news for people who want to upgrade their CV without spending anything to do so. Read the article Click Oil and Gas and understand.

Are you looking for opportunities to have a better CV? This, without leaving home and free of charge? If your answer is positive, know that CIEE could be the perfect choice for you.

This happens because the company is offering places in free online courses for those who want to boost their career.

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According to the institution, there are several options offered through the Saber Virtual platform, which allows subscribers to acquire knowledge wherever they are, at no cost.

CIEE: quality education at the click of a button

According to CIEE, at the institution, quality education is a priority. Therefore, its courses are designed to cover a variety of areas essential for professional development.

In this sense, explains the institution, from preparation for the world of work to behavioral skills, marketing, finance and much more, there is a wide range of options for all interests and needs.

Special trails

According to CIEE, in addition to the regular courses offered by the institution, there are also tracks that are developed especially for those who are young apprentices and interns.

This content is developed with a focus on complementing the practical experiences of these people, preparing them for future challenges and strengthening their professional skills. At the end of these tracks or regular courses, CIEE helps its students in the process of updating their curriculum.

This, through an intuitive online tool. According to the institution, this update takes just a few clicks, meaning students can quickly create a formatted resume ready to impress employers, highlighting their new skills and certifications.

How to sign up for a CIEE course

Are you interested in finding out more about the courses offered by CIEE? If so, know that signing up for CIEE's free courses is quick and simple. To do this, simply access the Virtual Knowledge platform. There, you need to choose your knowledge track, complete the course and download the certificate.

It is important to remember that students should not forget to update their CV and LinkedIn profile. This way, he can show employers that he is prepared for new opportunities.

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