Home Discover the most economical car in Brazil: it does 51,9 km/l and beats Honda City and HB20!

Discover the most economical car in Brazil: it does 51,9 km/l and beats Honda City and HB20!

11 June 2024 to 09: 58
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Most economical car in Brazil
Illustrative image representing the most economical car in Brazil

Discover the most economical car in Brazil, a sales leader and surpassing major models such as the Honda City and HB20. This economical vehicle, which does not use gasoline, is an excellent sustainable choice.

For those looking for an economical car in terms of fuel, a new option stands out in the national automobile market: the most efficient car in Brazil, capable of reaching an impressive 51 km per liter (km/l) equivalent. In this article, we'll explore the features of this economical car and analyze why it represents such an attractive choice for those who want to optimize range and minimize fuel costs.

Most efficient car in Brazil reaches 51,9 km/l

The recent data from the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV), developed by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), state that the BYD Dolphin is the most efficient car in Brazil, reaching incredible 51,9 km/l fuel equivalent.

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This unique feat not only attracts attention, but also represents an incredible advance for the economy and sustainability. The Inmetro test evaluates the energy efficiency of vehicles, classifying them based on their fuel consumption. The results have generated curiosity and excitement among vehicle enthusiasts and consumers looking for an economical car in the garage.

Due to the growing demand for vehicles that offer not only good performance, but also economy and environmental responsibility, the most efficient car in Brazil, BYD Dolphin appears as an interesting and promising option in the Brazilian automotive market.

With a total of 6.812 units sold last year, the BYD Dolphin won the title of best-selling electric car in the country in 2023.

This achievement not only reinforces the importance of economical cars in the market, but also reflects the growing acceptance of Brazilian consumers in relation to battery-powered models. With a starting price of R$149.800, the model stands out as an affordable option in the electric car segment.

Economy car from Chinese BYD can reach 150 km/h

The basic version of the most efficient car in Brazil stands out for its performance and efficiency. Equipped with an electric motor that generates up to 95 horsepower and 18,3 kgfm of torque, the model can offer a dynamic driving experience. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10,9 seconds and its top speed of 150 km/h are attributes that help attract consumers.

Another point that draws attention is the impressive range of the electric vehicle, which can reach up to 291 km on just a single charge. This considerable distance provides greater flexibility and convenience to drivers, making the BYD Dolphin a viable option for various commuting needs.

The most efficient car in Brazil is the sales leader 

Over the past year, the electric model market in Brazil has undergone a major transformation due to the BYD Dolphin. Data from Fenabrave prove the success of the model, with sales figures never seen before in an electric car.

However, what draws attention is the fact that the model sells more than combustion models, with good sales rates, for example. According to data from consultancy JATO do Brasil, the model was ahead of models such as Chevrolet Montana, Renault Duster, Honda City and Hyundai HB20s, for example.

In January this year, the model sold 1.820 units, a number that places it among the 50 best-selling vehicles of the month.

Furthermore, the economical car is in thirtieth position among those listed, accompanied only by another electric car, the BYD Seal, in forty-ninth position, with 612 units sold. The good sales performance is due to the heavy investment in advertising made by the Chinese brand in recent months.

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