Home Porto do Açú Consortium left: Andrade Gutierrez and Siemens are receiving resumes for the construction of the Thermoelectric Plant

Porto do Açú Consortium left: Andrade Gutierrez and Siemens are receiving resumes for the construction of the Thermoelectric Plant

8 January 2018 to 21: 28
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Andrade Gutierrez and Siemens

The speculations about the construction of the Thermoelectric Power Plant in Porto do Açú are over. Prumo invites everyone to participate in the works that will start in 3 months

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O port of azu administered by Plummet Logistics will now experience a new phase of prosperity. It so happens that the closing of the consortium for the construction of the thermoelectric plant has just been announced. The companies that will run the venture are the monsters Andrade Gutierrez and Siemens. The municipality of São João da Barra, to which the port is located, must receive a veritable army of injection into the economy.

Watch the video of Michel Temer in Porto do Açú

According to Bob, the works will be carried out until the end of March. Negotiations involving the companies were successfully completed through the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), which ended up authorizing the installations of UTE GNA and Açu Gas Hub. The purpose of building these thermoelectric plants will be to take advantage of the gas produced in the Campos Basin to make Porto do Açú self-sufficient. In the next paragraph, see which professionals will be hired:

  • Civil Construction – Helpers, Painters, Pavers, Electricians, Firefighters, Shipowners, Carpenters, Bricklayers, Foremen, Master builders and other jobs related to this field.
  • Technicians - Electrical, Electronics, Electronics, Electromechanics, Mechanics, Automation, Instrumentation, Logistics, Administrative, Environmental, Production and other related
  • Engineering - Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Production and other related higher education

Applications will take place in two distinct phases: Construction and Direct.

  1. To apply for jobs in the construction of the thermoelectric plant, you must send your CV to the Porto do Açú employability portal via email
  2. For direct job openings at the thermoelectric plant after completion, you must leave your resume on See the official post here.

Remembering that this was an official statement from Prumo Logística, the Porto management company, as this news came directly from them, so there is nothing to worry about with regard to the veracity of the information. Like and share the Click Oil and Gas, here we work on your professional outplacement with the hottest vacancies and news on the market! Come with us because 2018 is ours!

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