Home Electricians, Platformists and Area Men for a large offshore selection process in Rio de Janeiro

Electricians, Platformists and Area Men for a large offshore selection process in Rio de Janeiro

2 February 2018 to 11: 47
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The project is scheduled for this month, the job vacancies are for temporary contracts in a renowned offshore company

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]job openings are for electricians, Platformists and Area Men who have just been announced by HR at Atlas Professionals for a temporary contract. The project is starting this month and resumes are already being selected to call candidates who fit the functions. In the next paragraph we will disclose the requirements for the position, but before that, we thought it would be of great value for you to know that the Denadai is also hiring maintenance technicians today to work in the cities of Macaé and Rio das Ostras, then you can check it out and share it with those who need it.

To apply for offshore electrician vacancies, experience in the function, active CREA, Salvage course, HEUT and technical or professional training in the function will be required. It is worth remembering that e-mails must be duly identified with their names, job function and city of residence in the subject field of the message. Understood? Therefore, please send your resumes to

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