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Metallurgical company with 267 vacancies and resumes at the door

6 from 2018 from September to 10: 15
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metallurgy vacancies valley

These are temporary vacancies for works with a probable maintenance stoppage at the Vale do Níquel company in Goias. Check it out!

The metallurgical company Vale do Níquel is offering a lot of temporary opportunities, which are probably for 5-day maintenance stoppages. It operates in the field of engineering, boilermaking and electromechanical assembly, with its operating hub in the city of Niquelândia, in the state of Goias, therefore, availability to work in the region or anywhere else that the company determines will be required. We will quote all the details so you can compete below:

Open jobs

  • Industrial Mechanic – 178 vacancies
  • Industrial Electrician – 20 vacancies
  • Welder – 50 vacancies
  • Occupational Safety Technician - 8 vacancies
  • Industrial Electric Supervisor – 3 vacancies
  • Industrial Mechanics Supervisor – 8 vacancies

It is worth mentioning that the place of work for any contractors will be at the Yamana Gold unit in Alto Horizonte – GO. UPDATE: we have already been able to confirm all vacancies directly with HR, HOWEVER, THERE ARE ONLY VACANCIES REMAINING FOR MECHANICS AND WELDERS.

Those who are interested in these opportunities at the metallurgical plant can take their resumes to the company's office, at Avenina Anapolina, number 33, in the Ipanema neighborhood, Niquelândia – GO. The second option is that you send an email directly to Tatielle from HR at For more details, two contact numbers were also made available, we are trying to call but the call does not complete: (62)3354-1033/3354-7081, but at least Vale confirmed by email the veracity of the selection process.

Company ELFE Offshore with open positions in the Maintenance area

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