Home Companies seek to avoid prejudice when choosing resumes

Companies seek to avoid prejudice when choosing resumes

31 July 2018 to 02: 22
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Companies seek to avoid prejudice when choosing resumes
Companies seek to avoid prejudice when choosing resumes

Prejudice in choosing resumes is a major barrier for thousands of professionals around the world. Modern companies prefer choosing CVs blindly.

Prejudice in choosing curricula can discard excellent professionals. Looking first at ethnicity, gender, social class and other particular characteristics are old and toxic practices that hinder the country's development and exclude top quality professionals. The first stages of the selection process should not give importance to data considered as basic (gender, name, address, age, etc.). Avoiding the choice through this information prevents the company from choosing its candidates in the wrong way.

Big dream

It seems like a big dream, but being chosen for your competence and experience, instead of your indication by the “so-and-so” manager, is starting to gain strength in more modern companies and with a more conscious HR. Choosing a professional based on his performance in tests and interviews during a selection process and not just on his CV can bring great benefits to the company that hires him, as in practice that professional will be able to show part of his potential and what he can offer to the company.

In some countries it is already common not to include information such as Age, Gender, Address and whether the person is married or not in the CV. All this could somehow influence the decision to choose this or that curriculum even before having contact with the professional, thus discarding the others who did not even have the chance to participate in the process. Many companies already adopt this practice and only find out if the future employee is male or female, young or old, single or married, etc., etc., when they receive the results of their tests and interviews with HR.

less women

Even with this new way of selecting professionals, even with all the care that some companies are adopting to value the professional, the number of women in companies is still lower than that of men. But, anyway, there is already a light at the end of the tunnel to bring hope to those who can really arrive and add positive values ​​in the job market.

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