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EBR shipyard can manufacture MODEC modules this year

10 June 2018 to 22: 33
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Two thousand direct jobs are expected to be created at the shipyard in São José do Norte after a meeting with the governor

The EBR shipyard in the city of São José do Norte (RS) may be the first to start the cycle of recovery of the shipbuilding industry in the country, as it has been carrying out intense negotiations and according to the company, everything is favorable and promising. This week, the board of Estaleiro do Brasil (EBR) met with José Ivo Sartori, current governor of Rio Grande do Sul, to point out that the module manufacturing contracts for MODEC’s offshore units will be under its responsibility, taking into account the current contracts with Petrobras.

The main reason for the meeting was to resolve tax issues of the state and a possible update thereof, in this way it would be possible to align with the new Repetro guidelines (Customs Regime for the Export and Import of Goods Destined for the Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas). It was also informed at this meeting that the State Treasury Department is drawing up a new project for evaluation by the legislature during the week.

According to Sartori, no deputy should place impediments to the approval of these new measures, since the state collection would now have a 3% ICMS from shipyards and the naval industry, a tax that was previously not collected by the state in this type of services.

Jobs and Benefits

2 direct job opportunities will open in São José do Norte in 2018, according to EBR management during the meeting with the governor. Remembering that the city has been suffering from the strong recession, since a good part of its collection comes from active shipyards. The QGI Consortium and the Rio Grande Shipyard will also be affected by these new measures.

Before closing the first quarter of this year, EBR managed to finish the assembly of the P-74 platform ahead of schedule at its shipyard in the city, which was delivered in April to Petrobras.

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