Home Brazilian Army opens registrations without competition with salaries of R$8 and 40 hours per week!

Brazilian Army opens registrations without competition with salaries of R$8 and 40 hours per week!

11 June 2024 to 22: 45
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Brazilian Army opens registrations without competition with salaries of R$8 and 40 hours per week!
Photo: Brazilian Army/Disclosure

New vacancies in the Brazilian Army for higher education. Notice with vacancies without competition announces the opening of registrations in a few days. Find out how to apply for opportunities.

The Brazilian Army, through the Regional Works Commission of the 9th Military Region, is soon opening registrations for the simplified selection process 02/2024 with vacancies without competition for hiring an Environmental Analyst in Campo Grande-MS. Vacancies in the army were in the news official diary of the Union last Thursday.

Find out who can apply for vacancies without a competitive exam in the Brazilian Army

Those interested in competing for vacancies in the Brazilian Army must have Brazilian or Portuguese nationality and, in the case of Portuguese nationality, be supported by the Statute of equality between Brazilians and Portuguese, with recognition of the enjoyment of political rights, under the terms of the Law.

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It is also necessary to have political rights, in discharge of military obligations when male and electoral, to have the requirements required for the position, according to the notice, proven by presenting a copy and originals of the Diploma or certificate of course completiono, present the necessary documents, as provided for in this notice, be 18 years old, have physical and mental fitness proven through an Admission Medical Certificate, among others.

Non-competitive vacancies for the position of Environmental Analyst require a degree in Agricultural Engineering, registration with the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (CREA), minimum experience of 2 years in the area of ​​Environmental Engineering, CNH Category B.

With a salary of R $ 8.348,47 per month, those approved in vacancies without a competition will be responsible for working on prevention activities, studies, preservation and environmental projects, contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts and biological risks, in order to optimize processes and carry out technological prospecting, seeking rational use of natural resources.

Find out how to apply for vacancies in the Brazilian Army

Those interested in competing for vacancies without a competition should access the 3rd Gpt website and click on the links “Temporary Labor” – Selection Process” “Notice 01/2024-CRO/9-PCTD” – “click here”, available during the registration period. It will also be necessary to read the Notice and its annexes in full, print and manually fill out the registration form.

Then, obtain the Union Collection Guide (GRU) on the National Treasury Secretariat page and make your payment at any Banco do Brasil branch, in the amount of R$45 for each registration. The remaining steps can be found in the Notice.

Registration is open from June 20th to 25th. Candidates who are registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal government (CadÚnico), referred to in Federal Decree No. 6.135, of June 26, 2007, and is a member of a low-income family, under the terms of said decree.

Documentation analysis and validation process

For this phase of the Brazilian Army's non-competitive vacancy process, candidates must send via SEDEX to CRO/9 or deliver in person in a sealed and identified envelope, to the address mentioned in the notice, all supporting documentation included in the Registration Form. Among the documents are:

Printed copy of the bank receipt and copy of the GRU, referring to the payment of the registration fee;

Printed copy of the Registration Form;

Printed or readable electronic copy of supporting documents relating to courses, specializations and professional experiences;

Printed copy of identity card or other identification document permitted by law;

Printed copy of the Diploma or Certificate of the training course required for the role, among others.

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