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Impressive! Petrobras' FPSO P-70 will stop on the edge of Niterói due to rain and strong winds today

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 30/01/2020 às 22:39
Petrobras p-70 Niterói Rain and Wind Platform Accident
Photos of P-70 Accident followers

The Petrobras platform undocked today and there was not enough time to anchor the unit before the sudden change in weather, watch the videos

The FPSO platform of Petrobras, the P-70, whose undocking operation was successfully carried out today (30) by the Dutch semi-submersible vessel Boka Vanguard, got into trouble that night. Imagine walking or driving along Niterói's waterfront and, suddenly, you find yourself facing a steel monster weighing thousands of tons in front of you...

The images and videos that you will see below are impressive. It turns out that the Petrobras P-70 did not have enough time to carry out the anchoring procedures before the turn of the weather. Rain and winds reached 40 knots in Guanabara Bay.

Many followers of Click Petróleo e Gás on social networks and employees of local outsourced companies are sending us information. Until then, it is known that the unit hit the stones of Gragoatá, in the city of Niterói - RJ. Here are some details of who is close to the operation at the moment:

“Despite the damage, the Platform is again in anchorage position with 6 tugs maintaining the unit's position.

During the P-70 anchoring operation in the anchorage area in Guanabara Bay, the platform had 3 of the 4 lines connected, when a strong gust of wind broke 2 lines. One of the tugboats also had difficulties maintaining its position and the other 4 were unable to prevent the platform from turning, bringing the bow closer to Niterói.”

The fact just happened and the Petrobras in an official note about the accident, it said that there were no victims but soon it will release some official and more detailed information. The P-70 will produce 150 barrels of oil and 6 million cubic meters of natural gas per day in the Atapu field.

Watch the video below:

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