Home Rio Grande do Sul shipbuilding industry is frustrated because MODEC chose Brasfels over EBR

Rio Grande do Sul shipbuilding industry is frustrated because MODEC chose Brasfels over EBR

27 July 2018 to 06: 48
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With no work in the Rio Grande do Sul naval centers for some time, there was an expectation that the FPSO Carioca MV30 would be built at the EBR shipyard

“Total desolation”, these are the words that define the current situation of the naval industry in Rio Grande do Sul after MODEC chose the Brasfels Shipyard of the Keppel Group instead of the EBR Shipyard for the construction of its offshore unit that will operate in the pre-salt . Leaders of the cities of Rio Grande and São José do Norte are simply “stunned”, given the expectation that these works will go to the shipyards in Rio Grande do Sul.

More than 2 direct and indirect jobs were expected to be generated if the module construction project were built in RS, data from the Vice President of the Metallurgist Union of Rio Grande do Sul, Sadi Machado.

This news also ended up reaching Porto Alegre and causing a certain “discomfort”, with fear that only the shipyards in Rio de Janeiro will be prioritized in these and other future projects in the shipbuilding industry.

According to PT deputy Nelsinho, who is also a metallurgist, he points out that governance has been absent with regard to the Rio Grande do Sul naval hub. The Executive Power of RS says that it is doing everything possible for the sector to generate activities and income again.

Modec works at Brasfels

On July 22, 2018, the Keppel Group signed with MODEC the contract for the construction of the Topside modules and integration of the FPSO Carioca MV30 at the Brasfels shipyard, located in Angra dos Reis - RJ. According to the group's note, hiring and the start of works should start before the end of 2018. Activate notifications on the page, website and application to be notified when processes start. For more details on these works, access the full article here.

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