Home JAC Motors announces the arrival of a new electric car with 505 km of autonomy for R$48,5 thousand and R$88,7 thousand

JAC Motors announces the arrival of a new electric car with 505 km of autonomy for R$48,5 thousand and R$88,7 thousand

3 April 2024 06 gies: 10
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JAC Motors announces the arrival of a new electric car with 505 km of autonomy for R$48,5 thousand and R$88,7 thousand
Photo: DAll-e

JAC Motors launches a new cheap electric car that promises to arrive in Brazil later this year. Costing less than R$50 (in China), the new electric vehicle delivers up to 505 km of autonomy.

JAC Motors' new cheap electric car, called the Y3 or Yttrium, officially arrives on the Chinese automotive market with prices ranging from 69.900 to 127.900 yuan. In conversion to our currency, the JAC Motors model is equivalent to R$48,5 thousand to R$88,7 thousand. This cheap electric car is JAC's new bet to catch up with players like BYD Dolphin and Wuling Bingo.

New electric vehicle from JAC Motors delivers 505 km of autonomy

The new cheap electric car is a compact hatchback to offer more premium content and elevate the position of the Hefei brand in the face of strong internal competition. According to JAC Motors, the Y3 electric car was developed with a focus on consumers aged 20 to 35, single or married without children, as well as self-employed professionals and foreigners in medium to large cities, with annual income between 300 thousand and 400 thousand yuan, the equivalent of R$208 thousand to R$277 thousand.

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Named after one of the rare earth metals, yttrium, the JAC Y3 comes in three performance and autonomy versions, with the access option having a range of 330 km, with an intermediate range of 405 km and a top-of-the-line range of 505 km. km of autonomy. These versions of the cheap electric car feature lithium batteries of 34,5 kWh, 41 kWh and 51,5 kWh, respectively, as well as electric motors of 81, 95 and 135 horsepower, in the same order.

JAC Motors intends to launch its electric car in Brazil?

Measuring 4,025 m in length, 1,760 m in width, 1,560 m in height and 2,620 m in wheelbase, the new cheap electric car features full LED headlights with 137 light elements, as well as LED taillights and alloy wheels, in addition with panoramic roof. Inside, the new JAC Motors vehicle has a premium feel with a two-spoke steering wheel, compact digital cluster and multimedia with a 15,6-inch screen, as well as leather details and internet connection with various applications.

Developed on a new platform, the new cheap electric car JAC Y3 uses a lithium battery technology more modern, as well as a compact and lighter powertrain, thus seeking to reduce production costs and increase energy efficiency. According to information, the JAC Motors model will reach the Brazilian market in mid-2024 as a product above the E-JS1, in order to compete with the BYD Dolphin and GWM ORA 03.

JAC also focuses on the pickup truck segment

The Chinese brand also launched the T9 on the Brazilian market, its new medium pickup truck that competes with segment leaders such as Fiat Toro and Toyota Hilux. With a competitive starting price (around R$200), modern design, onboard technology and excellent performance, the model has the capacity to win over consumers looking for a robust, reliable and affordable truck.

The JAC Motors model is 5,33 meters long, has a wheelbase of 3,10 m, is 1,96 meters wide and 1,93 meters high, weighing just 1.976 kg and also accommodating 1090 L of luggage in the bucket. In terms of engine, the model stands out with its diesel engine.

The set chosen is the 2.0 4-cylinder turbodiesel block, generating up to 167 horsepower and 41 kgfm of torque and can be associated with a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.

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April 3, 2024 13:52 PM
The headlines in today's newspaper reports are ridiculous. They put a title as if the launch was almost certain with the already “Brazilian” price, but in the report they say that the launch price in China is so many yuan, the price converted into so many reais… But we all know that for sure, if launch here, the price is at MINIMUM, 80% more... In other words, a “simple, popular” car worth 89 thousand in direct conversion, here will be sold for at least 160 thousand... There is no point in even having expectations that it will be less than that… THIS IS BRAZIL, the country of taxes, unfortunately it will NEVER change…
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