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Macaé celebrates anniversary with a millionaire gift from Petrobras, which announces investments and resumption of operations at the Port of Imbetiba

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 31/07/2021 às 06:33
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One of the Brazilian oil giant's own port facilities celebrates Macaé's birthday

Macaé celebrates its birthday and professionals in the region are surprised with the best news of the year! Petrobras announced yesterday (30/07), in a material fact, investments in the order of 24 million reais for the 2021 and 2022 biennium. Imbetiba – Engineer Zephyrino Lavenère Machado Filho, in Macaé. The company celebrates the city's anniversary by announcing investments and with the expectation of resuming the flow in post-pandemic operations.

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According to the statement from Petrobras, this injection of funds aims to increase port logistics services to support the company's platform mooring routine and projects. At the same time, Petrobras also contracted and mobilized large equipment to meet these projects. These investments generate return for society through the creation of jobs, incentive to the activities of other companies, and consequent tax collection.

One of the company's own port facilities, the Port of Imbetiba, has three piers and six berths, and currently performs around 115 moorings per month. In the post-pandemic period, this number should reach 150 moorings/month.

Port of Macaé starts using three large cranes to handle submarine projects

The port of Macaé now uses three large cranes – one with the capacity to move 120 tons within a radius of 25 meters and two that move 30 tons within a radius of 35 meters, to handle subsea projects. All these cranes have an elevated cabin – which guarantees more safety in operations, especially for the professionals involved.

José Alves, manager of Port Operations in Macaé, emphasizes the importance of the activity for Petrobras. “The anchorage, a segment of the underwater area, is responsible for the installation and maintenance of production units (e.g.: UEP – Stationary Production Unit, FPSO – acronym in English for floating oil production, storage and transfer unit), as well as anchoring drilling rigs using and moving materials and equipment with large dimensions and heavy weight.”

To get an idea of ​​this relevance, he cites two projects linked to the pre-salt layer. “We concluded the positioning of the FPSO Carioca in its definitive location and which should start production in the Sépia field in the coming months. We are currently entering the second phase of the Long Term Test mooring in the Mero field. This activity aims to carry out the installation of eight anchoring lines, which are responsible for keeping the production unit at the established point.”

The port of Macaé will also have another investment: the expansion of the backyard from 16 to 24 thousand m², which represents an increase of 50%. The new project foresees the parking of 235 collective transport buses. This supplementary space to the storage area can be used, for example, for customs clearance and for the construction and assembly of large materials that cannot be transported by road.

With Petrobras' investments, the expectation is for up to 150 moorings per month

To a large extent, we can say that the expectation of an increase in the volume of up to 150 berthings per month at the Port of Imbetiba is linked to the expansion of the berthing window, a model in force since April of this year. It became possible for the AHTS 21000 — high-power vessels that act as a tugboat, handling anchors and transporting supplies — to moor and unmoor without having to wait for high tide.

With this change, the port of Macaé will benefit from a reduction in the waiting time of vessels that, due to some environmental condition, sometimes were stopped for 12 hours, waiting for a new opportunity to berth. A vessel, even stopped, maintains charter costs. In addition, it could cause delays in the installation and maintenance operations of mooring lines. Taken together, these factors could impact some production activities.

The port approval process for operating with vessels of the type AHTS 21000 with drafts of eight meters (measurement of the submerged part of the vessel) is being carried out in conjunction with the Navy, which assessed that the conditions of the channels are favorable to flexibility.

Port of Imbetiba has berthing, unberthing, loading and unloading of vessels, among other activities

In addition to all the expansion work, it is planned to signalize the access channels, as well as carry out, in 2023, maintenance dredging and deepening of the channels and the maneuvering area for vessels (evolution basin) and piers. These actions make entry and exit maneuvers easier for vessels, in addition to increasing operational safety.

The activities carried out at the Port of Imbetiba are: berthing, unberthing, loading and unloading of vessels, as well as their water and diesel supply; crew change activities (vessel crew members), in addition to storage, construction and assembly of large materials.

Flavia Marinho

Flavia Marinho is a Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering, with extensive experience in the onshore and offshore shipbuilding industry. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to writing articles for news websites in the areas of industry, oil and gas, energy, shipbuilding, geopolitics, jobs and courses, with more than 7 thousand articles published. Her technical expertise and communication skills make her a respected reference in her field. Contact us to suggest an agenda, advertise job vacancies or advertise on our portal.

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