Home Macaé is elected the second best city in Rio to do business

Macaé is elected the second best city in Rio to do business

11 May 2018 to 11: 28
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With the new projections for the Oil sector, Urban System classifies Macaé as one of the best cities for investments

In the state of Rio, Macae it is the second best city to invest in business. The municipality is only behind the capital. In third place, in the State, appears Niterói. The ranking is part of a study by Urban System consultancy for Exame magazine, recently released. The municipality ranked 21st in Brazil. 310 cities with more than 100 inhabitants were analyzed. The consultancy verified 28 indicators in four categories: economic development, human capital, infrastructure and social development. This is the fourth edition of the study.

Since 2014, Urban Systems has prepared, at the request of Exame magazine, a ranking of the 100 Brazilian municipalities that have the most favorable conditions for setting up companies.
In addition to being the main headquarters for offshore operations in the Campos Basin, Macaé continues to develop its economy: 18.715 active companies. Of this total, 854 are dedicated to the oil sector. In general collection, from January to October 2017, the Tax on Services of Any Nature (ISS) revenue was R$ 383.668.134,40.

Another measure that contributes to the business investment scenario is the development of an entrepreneurial culture. In the last four years, the number of individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) in the municipality has grown by around 50%. Today there are almost 12 people registered at Casa do Empreendedor – a space that aims to speed up the procedures for opening companies and obtaining municipal operating licenses. There are 70 new CNPJs (MEIs) per month.

Qualification is also highlighted. From 2013 until now, the Assistant Secretariat for Professional Qualification has trained approximately 9,3 professionals in various areas. Last year, 2,5 people qualified. Currently, the body, linked to the Department of Education, offers 20 courses with the aim of inserting these students into the job market. (AN). The Municipality of Macaé has already expropriated the Barreto area for the release of Works in Porto, check out the article. Source Exam

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