Home Oil tanker explodes and 32 two people are missing, watch the video!

Oil tanker explodes and 32 two people are missing, watch the video!

8 January 2018 to 16: 34
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accident 32 missing

The oil tanker accident happened in the China Sea, most of those missing are Iranians. There are rescuers at the scene right now

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]oil tanker they are true floating bombs in the sea, literally speaking. Occupational risks for those who perform offshore activities are incalculable due to the nature of the work. Unusually, accidents have been occurring at a worrying number, according to world authorities. Yesterday (07) a ship ended up colliding with another in the China Sea, see the video below and the complete report of the withdrawal from the Petronotícias website below:

“Serious accident in the China Sea. A ship loaded with Iranian oil, operated by the country's main oil transport company, caught fire and spilled part of its cargo this Sunday (7) after colliding with a Chinese bulk carrier, leaving all 32 crew members missing. Thick clouds of dark smoke could be seen coming out of the Sanchi tanker.

Rescue efforts were hampered by bad weather and the ship's fire. The Sanchi collided with the CF Crystal about 160 nautical miles off the coast, near Shanghai, on Saturday night (6), China's Transport Ministry said in a statement. The tanker, registered in Panama, was heading from Iran to South Korea, carrying 136 tons of condensed oil, a light oil. This equates to just under 1 million barrels, worth around $60 million, based on global commodity prices.”

To date, the body of the Deck Sailor who fell from a vessel providing services to Petrobras has not been found, See the full article with video of the report by accessing the article here as well.

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