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New rotary engine arouses curiosity in the automotive industry with power 5 times greater than that of diesel models and weighing less than 20 kg

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 27/05/2024 às 16:10
New rotary engine arouses curiosity in the automotive industry with its power 5x greater than that of diesel models
Photo: Rotary Engine/dall-e

LiquidPiston develops a new rotary engine that promises to revolutionize the automotive industry, being up to 5 times more powerful than diesel models already on the market.

The rotary engine is one of the most fascinating and innovative inventions in the history of internal combustion engines. However, it has some disadvantages, such as high fuel consumption, low torque, high emissions and complex lubrication. Despite these challenges, there are ways to overcome these limitations and create a new generation of rotary engines that can outperform conventional engines in the automotive industry.

LiquidPiston rotary engine weighs less than 20 kg

A Liquid Piston is the company that is developing and manufacturing the new rotary engine called the X-Engine. It is a pistonless engine that operates on a patented thermodynamic cycle called the high-efficiency hybrid cycle (HC).

Unlike conventional engines, the X-Engine engine uses a single rotor that performs both compression and expansion of the working fluid, resulting in greater efficiency and lower emissions.

The company claims its new XTS 210 engine is a breakthrough in the automotive industry's rotary engine technology that solves efficiency, lubrication and engine type issues. fuel for conventional Wankel rotary engines.

The XTS 210 is a supercharged, liquid-cooled two-stroke engine that claims to have five times the power of a diesel engine of equivalent size or weight and three times the torque. It is intended for commercial military and aerospace applications where high power density, fuel efficiency and the ability to use multiple fuel types are important.

The new rotary engine is approximately the size of a basketball, weighs 19 kg and has a displacement of 210 cm³. It can run on various types of fuel, including diesel and aviation kerosene.

How does the new rotary engine work?

The company is targeting around 20 kW and 29,4 Nm of torque, both at 6.500 RPM. According to Liquid Piston, these figures are comparable to the 18,8 kW and 63 Nm peak of the Coler KDW 13E 536A diesel engine, which is approximately five times the physical size of the XTS 210 and more than four times its weight.

The XTS design utilizes just two main moving parts, a rotor and a shaft. The rotor has a trilobular shape that fits inside a casing with two lobes, creating three combustion chambers that pass through the four stages of the HC cycle, namely intake, compression, power and exhaust.

XTS engine compared to traditional diesel engines/Reproduction – youtube

The shaft is connected to the rotor by a planetary gear system that allows the rotor to rotate at a different speed than the shaft, optimizing the performance of the automotive industry's new rotary engine.

In the XTS 210 the combustion chamber remains stationary and has a rounded shape. This design has a unique advantage, it is possible to achieve high compression simply by making the chamber smaller. Furthermore, as the chamber does not move, it is possible to inject fuel directly into it, a feature the Wankel engine could not offer. 

Rotary engine should hit the market in 2024

What is truly remarkable is its versatility to run on a variety of fuels including diesel, gasoline, hydrogen and propane.

Currently, Liquid Piston is focusing on perfecting the new rotary engine with specific emphasis on its compatibility with JP8 jet fuel, which is of great importance in the defense and aerospace sectors.

A significant milestone in Liquid Piston's journey is its recent contract with the United States Army, totaling a substantial sum of 9 million dollars.

This contract took his total earnings from military contracts past the impressive $30 million mark. With this new support, Liquid Piston is preparing to commercialize the new rotary engine and we can expect the delivery of a prototype in 2024.

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