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Odebrecht back in the game: IT'S OFFICIAL! Register your CV after reading the article

15 October 2017 to 14: 19
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work at odebrecht

Odebrecht announces the resumption of hiring and investments as a priority in the company's official video.

Odebrecht literally put his face on social networks through his representative from the planning and people area, Daniel Villar, to respond to inquiries, probably from former employees of the company, about the layoffs that have been taking place in the group. He bluntly replies that this cannot be said in a generalized way because there are other groups controlled by Odebrecht, such as Braskem and Agro Industrial, but he points out that the company's engineering and construction segment was deeply affected by issues both economic conditions in the country and in the world, regarding the moment of momentary reputation that the company goes through, which prevented it from acquiring new contracts.

Villar says that the group's leaders are working hard with the focus on growing again and that the people who ALREADY WAS PART OF ODEBRECHT will be rehired, but there will also be a new workforce. Just below, see the video more clearly and after watching, continue reading so you can understand the rest of the news:


Here for us! If Odebrecht went on social media to release a video, it's because it's already coming with big news out there and everything is in gear. Click Petróleo e Gás, investigating a little deeper, had some information from its “heralds”, friends and followers who work there, saying that there is a kind of atmosphere of optimism. The oil and gas sector should receive some good news before the end of the year from the company. See with your own eyes her messages on social networks asking you to register your CV:

What are you waiting for, don't waste any more time and register your resume at Odebrecht, go to the company's website and go to the tab WORK WITH US, despite the problems she is going through and which are already being overcome, she is still active. To improve your chances of getting hired there or any other company, I suggest you read the article about the importance of English in the industrial area, oil and gas here.

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