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Porto do Açú may build its own refinery

21 May 2018 to 08: 58
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Porto do Açu Refinery Prmo Logisitca

US$10 million has already been invested in the newest ambitious undertaking at Porto do Açú, which is on the agenda

O port of azu is one of the most audacious and visionary port complexes of recent times in Brazil, there is no doubt about that. Now it wants to go further and install its own oil refinery within the enterprise. This is not speculation, so much so that its partner in Belgium has already invested a sum of US$ 10 million to run the project, in exchange for increasing its share in the shares in the future venture.

It is worth remembering that Porto do Açu is located in the city of São João da Barra, in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro and was conceived by businessman Eike Batista at the time and head of LLX. After some time, LLX changed and became Prumo Logística, which is a subsidiary of EIG (American group). José Magela, who is Prumo's current president, was interviewed and revealed that Porto do Açú is ready to expand in an unprecedented way, and the oil and gas industry is his flagship in this endeavor.

Today, the port complex has 11 fully operational companies and more than 90 km² of industrial area under an integrated regime, of which there are still 80 km free to build and invest in new projects. He highlighted, however, the competition with Comperj, in Itaboraí is complementary and will fill only part of the demand for fuels, there will be a market for everyone! Açú Port Complex is the largest in its category in Latin America and may soon become the most important in Brazil.

Among the main activities of the port, the highlights are in the offshore area, export of ores, thermoelectric, companies and factories.

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