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Petrobras president meets with truck drivers' representatives to talk about strike and diesel price

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 30/06/2021 às 14:54
Petrobras – truck drivers – diesel
Truck at Petrobras refinery/ Source: Agência Brasil

The president of Petrobras, Joaquim Silva e Luna, met yesterday (29) with the CNTRC, a group that brings together representatives of truck drivers

Yesterday, Tuesday (29/06), the president of Petrobras Joaquim Silva e Luna, received the board of directors of the National Road Cargo Transport Council (CNTRC), a group that brings together representatives of truck drivers. The association called a truckers' strike for the next 25th. See also: Diesel price rises again and truck drivers demand tax on oil exports to alleviate fuel costs

The meeting with the CEO of Petrobras and the discussion on the price of diesel

Petrobras CEO Plínio Nestor Dias (CEO of the CNTRC), Alécio da Cruz Paulino (Vice-Chairman), José Roberto Stringasci (Director of the General Secretariat), Cláudio da Costa Oliveira (Director of the National Administration and Finance), Flavio Aparecido da Silva Zamith (director of the National Secretariat for Crisis, Urgencies and Emergencies) and Eduardo Madureira Santos (Legal Director).

The president of the CNTRC thanked the Petrobras president for his attention and presented demands from cargo carriers to Joaquim Silva and Luna. The president listened to the concerns of CNTRC representatives and stated that he will evaluate the sector's suggestions.

According to the president of Petrobras: “Road modal transport is very important for Brazil. Petrobras seeks to understand society's actors, evaluates the best way to contribute to all of them and is always open to dialogue”.

See also: Undetermined strike by truck drivers, starting July 25, against the increase in fuel prices practiced by the state-owned company

Truckers' strike: every category is summoned by the National Road Cargo Transport Council – CNTRC, through a note, for a stoppage, for an indefinite period, from the next 25th of July, truck driver's day (São Cristovão). Cristovão means “the one who carries Christ”, against the increase in the price of diesel practiced by Petrobras.

The CNTRC alleges, in one of the justifications presented, that the readjustments in fuel prices promoted by Petrobras, without adequate explanations, violate even determinations of the Consumer Protection Code – CDC. He also mentions that attempts to discuss the matter with the company's management were frustrated. In addition, the forwarded pricing policy proposal, which received the promise of analysis by the company, has yet to receive a response.

After the price of diesel rose again, with the end of a temporary exemption from federal taxes, which was valid for two months, the CNTRC group (National Council for Road Cargo Transport), which brings together representatives of truck drivers, defended the taxation of exports oil and its use to reduce fuel taxes. The charge was issued on the 25th, by the group, in an open letter to President Jair Bolsonaro.

Petrobras has adopted, since 2016, the Import Parity Price (PPI) to readjust fuels in Brazil. At the time, readjustments were practically daily, following fluctuations in the international market, but now there is no set deadline.

Roberta Souza

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