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Human Resources invites professionals to work in the Netherlands

1 from 2018 to 11 at 27: XNUMX
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The positions are for TIG Welders and Locksmiths and start immediately. Find out what the requirements are and how to apply

Hiring for these works in the Netherlands is under the responsibility of the company E2S Soluções em Recursos Humanos and the call is official for those who wish to travel abroad in order to work in a country that has an excellent quality of life, in addition to a good international experience. Today's opportunities are for professional welders and locksmiths, we will list the requirements for the positions but first, find out that the company, a civil construction company in Curitiba, is hiring for all functions, as you can see later here.

Requirements and how to apply

As mentioned above, the opportunities are for welders and locksmiths and although the works are in Holland, the applications will be given at the company's office in Portugal. If you are Brazilian and live in Portugal, just go directly to her office at Rua da Poente, number 142, Aldeias de Cima – Trofa, Portugal. If you do not live in Portugal but wish to send your resumes for these works in Holland, the company provided the e-mail address, but naturally candidates who live on the European continent will have more chances.

Official company publication

As usual, all the information we collect comes from the company's official sources, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our posts and with a committed team. Just below, you can check the company's official publication, but be careful because sites that copy our content and distort what we write here, we are not responsible for channels that are not ours.

Official Publication

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