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Bought, used, broke: electric cars go straight to scrapyards for these 5 reasons. Are you thinking about buying one? It's better to analyze it first!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 21/05/2024 às 07:30
electric car - scrap metal
Photo: IA reproduction

The high price of advanced electric car technology: Would it be ideal today to bet on hybrids?

According to mobilitychannelmocha, in a world increasingly focused on sustainability, eletric cars have been the banner of an environmentally responsible future. However, this transition to automotive electrification comes with significant challenges. Prohibitive repair costs and a lack of adequate infrastructure are sending many of these innovative vehicles directly to the scrapyard, raising questions about their long-term viability.

Costly and complex maintenance of electric cars

Electric cars are wonders of the world modern engineering, but when it comes to maintenance, the costs can be astronomical. The complexity of electrical systems, combined with a shortage of qualified professionals, results in repairs that often exceed the value of the vehicle itself, leading to a total loss. Additionally, batteries, the heart of these vehicles, are extremely difficult and expensive to repair or replace.

The question of reliability

Despite advances, electric vehicles still struggle with reliability issues. Frequent software updates are necessary to keep systems operating efficiently, but this can be a hassle for owners. Additionally, the support infrastructure is still developing, meaning homeowners often find themselves with few options when they need assistance.

credits: fullpower magazine

Software updates: A wheel in the electric car ecosystem

In the ever-evolving ecosystem of electric cars, software updates emerge as a vital component. These updates, while essential to improving efficiency and security, can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they keep the vehicle at the forefront of technology; on the other hand, they require owners to visit specialized workshops more frequently. Additionally, the need to keep electronic systems up to date with the latest updates can lead to a total vehicle loss if not managed correctly, increasing the risk of cars ending up in the scrapyard.

Component wear: between efficiency and maintenance

Additionally, electric cars face a peculiar paradox: despite their energy and mechanical efficiency, the wear of specific components, such as tires and suspension, is accelerated. This is, in part, due to the additional weight of the batteries and the instantaneous delivery of torque. Consequently, these vehicles may end up visiting workshops more than their combustion counterparts. In the long term, without adequate maintenance, this wear and tear can lead to a total loss, reinforcing the cycle that sends these innovative electric cars to the scrap heap.

electric cars - cars - brazilian market - hybrid cars
photo/reproduction: 10wallpaper.com

Hybrids gain ground

Meanwhile, hybrid vehicles are proving to be a more reliable and practical option. With a combination of electric and conventional technology, they offer a compromise solution that appears to be more sustainable at the moment. It's no surprise that the hybrid market is growing at a faster pace. So they offer the promise of efficiency without the same financial risks associated with pure electric cars.

Therefore, while EVs represent an important step towards a greener future, there are significant obstacles that need to be overcome. High repair costs, lack of trained professionals and insufficient infrastructure are just some of the issues that need to be addressed. However, to ensure that these vehicles can truly deliver on their promise of cleaner, more efficient transportation.

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