Home Competition for primary, secondary and higher levels: city hall offers 428 vacancies with salaries of up to R$6

Competition for primary, secondary and higher levels: city hall offers 428 vacancies with salaries of up to R$6

16 May 2024 to 15: 30
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Notice published with opportunities for primary, secondary and higher education. Registration open from May 15th to June 30th, register now!

The City of Alhandra, PB, published the public tender notice with 428 vacancies for positions at primary, secondary and higher levels, offering salaries that can reach R$6. Registration for the event, organized by Educa PB, will be open between May 15th and June 30th.

The competition may have up to eight stages, depending on the position, which are: objective written test (for all positions), bond valuation, medical assessment, practical test, physical fitness test, psychotechnical test, social investigation and training course.

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Find out more about the city hall competition

Some vacancies available in the city hall competition are:

  • Administrative agent
  • Community health agent
  • Endemic disease control agent
  • Traffic inspection agent
  • Tax auditor
  • Planning and budget analyst
  • social worker
  • Public accounts auditor
  • Dental assistant
  • general service assistant
  • Biochemical
  • Biomedic
  • Gravedigger
  • Chef
  • Carer
  • Physical education professional
  • Civil engineer

Exams and results of the city hall's elementary level competition

  • Elementary Level: August 25th (Morning)
  • Medium Level: August 25th (Afternoon)
  • Higher Level: September 1st (Morning)

The final result, with the exception of the positions of traffic officer and municipal guard that require a training course, will be announced on November 29th this year.

Registration for the elementary level city hall competition

To participate, Interested parties must register via the organizer's website, paying fees of R$70 for elementary level, R$80 for secondary and R$100 for higher education. The objective tests are scheduled to be carried out on two different dates, depending on the level of the position sought. Check the exam schedule below.


With so many opportunities at primary, secondary and higher education levels, the Alhandra City Hall competition is an excellent chance for those looking for stability and good salaries. Pay attention to deadlines and don't miss this opportunity!


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