Home Metallurgical company opens opportunity for Quality Inspector

Metallurgical company opens opportunity for Quality Inspector

5 October 2018 to 00: 45
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Metallurgical company opens opportunity for Quality Inspector

To act as a Quality Inspector, the company is looking for a professional with experience in testing and finished products

The company is looking for a professional in the quality sector to inspect tests and finished products. The Quality Inspector, under direct supervision, follows written instructions and established procedures to perform assigned and standardized tasks. The inspector develops advanced skills in procedures, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment appropriate to the area of ​​specialization. Resolves routine issues and issues and escalates more complex issues to higher levels. Let's find out about the vacancy.

Vacancy: Quality Inspector – São Bernardo do Campo

The inspector will perform inspections and tests on finished products, identification and segregation of non-conforming materials, issuing reports of non-conformity of disapproved parts, issuing monthly scrap reports, recording dimensional control data in inspection reports. Interpretation of drawings, metrology, metallography and ISO9000/2015. Benefits: Medical agreement, Transportation Voucher, meal on site, basic food basket, pharmacy agreement. Hours: Commercial Salary to be agreed.

The Candidacy

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