Home Event in Bahia presents technology that saves lives in the Oil and Gas industry

Event in Bahia presents technology that saves lives in the Oil and Gas industry

20 May 2024 to 20: 17
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Event in Bahia will present technology
Photo: Túlio Cerviño

Bahia Oil&Gas Energy highlights device that speeds up evacuation in risk areas by 30%

In the last two decades, the oil and gas industry in Bahia has recorded at least four serious accidents, with serious environmental damage and even deaths. The most recent took place in São Francisco do Conde, in the metropolitan region of Salvador, in 2021, and is still present in the community's memory. Show how to technology can save lives This high-risk activity is one of the attractions of Bahia Oil&Gas Energy, which takes place from May 20th to 24th in the capital of Bahia.

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The event attracts professionals from the national and international scene, focusing on relevant topics in the stages of exploration and production (upstream), transportation (midstream), refining (downstream), petrochemicals, naval and energy integration.

Innovation and safety at Bahia Oil&Gas Energy

In the event's Innovation Arena, the Bahian startup Trackfy will have a stand demonstrating a technological solution that speeds up the identification of accidents and accelerates evacuation in risk areas. Túlio Cerviño, co-founder and CEO of the company, will give a lecture presenting success stories in the use of technology to save lives. Data proves that it can reduce the evacuation time of an area affected by an incident by 30%. Furthermore, efficient response can generate savings of up to R$2 million, avoiding serious consequences of these occurrences.

The solution consists of a device attached to the helmets and badges of employees at industrial plants or construction sites. This device sends data and information to a cloud platform in real time. Using resources such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis and algorithms, managers have an online analysis of the location and situation of workers in the workplace.

At the first sign of an accident or other event, decisions can be made immediately. The solution makes it possible to identify when workers are in risk areas or affected by accidents, enabling evacuation and any other necessary measures, such as relief, before the worst happens, explains Cerviño.

Impact and expansion of technology in the industry

“At Bahia Oil&Gas Energy, we will discuss cases that prove the improvement of safety and productivity in the oil and gas industry. In addition to the lecture, we will have a stand at the Innovation Arena, explaining our solution and detailing these cases,” highlights the CEO of Trackfy.

The startup already provides this innovation to large companies in manufacturing hubs, both in Bahia and São Paulo (Cubatão and Mauá). These corporations operate in the chemical, petrochemical, steel, mining and civil construction sectors.

Trackfy's CEO reiterates that the solution's exclusive purpose is the operational management of construction sites and plants. All principles of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and labor legislation are strictly respected. “Our solution is aligned with three of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda,” highlights Cerviño.

Bahia Oil&Gas Energy: a large event

Bahia Oil&Gas Energy takes place at the Salvador Convention Center and is expected to bring together more than 10 thousand participants, 200 stands, representatives from 15 countries and five segments of the oil and gas production chain.

With the presence of industry leaders and experts, the event stands out as a crucial platform to discuss and present technological innovations that can transform safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. The participation of startups like Trackfy highlights the vital role of technology in the evolution of this sector, especially in critical areas such as security and risk management.

The focus on tech as a tool to save lives and improve operational efficiency reaffirms the importance of events like Bahia Oil&Gas Energy for the future of the oil and gas industry. By highlighting innovations and promoting the exchange of knowledge, the event contributes to a safer and more sustainable industrial environment.

Major accidents in the oil and gas industry in Bahia:

  • 2001 | Lauro de Freitas. Oil leak on beaches on the north coast of Bahia.
  • 2001 | Great Savior. Gas leak from Petrobras' Pitanga Station.
  • 2018 | Todos os Santos Bay. Oil leak due to rupture of Petrobras pipeline.
  • 2021 | São Luís do Conde. Explosion at Brasilgás/Ultragaz. A dead person.

Source: Public Ministry of Labor and Portal Ambiente Brasil.


Founded in 2020 in Salvador, Trackfy expanded its presence to São Paulo. Between 2021 and 2023, it doubled its revenue annually. The objective is to continue this growth rate and reach R$1 million in monthly revenue. More information at


  • Event: Bahia Oil&Gas Energy
  • Order date: 22 to 24 May
  • Open Hours:
    • Wednesday: 10 am to 19 pm
    • Thursday: from 8:30 am to 22 pm
    • Friday: from 7:30 am to 18 pm
  • Trackfy talk: May 23.05rd, at 17pm at Arena Inovação
  • Location: Salvador Convention Center
  • Address: Av. Octávio Mangabeira, 5.490 – Boca do Rio, Salvador – BA
  • Registrations:


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