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Government opens selection process with 83 high school and PCD job vacancies to work in Fernando de Noronha

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 07/05/2021 às 11:48
Job openings - selection process - PCD - Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha – Source: Google reproduction

Work in paradise! Government opens selection process for several job vacancies in Fernando de Noronha for high school and PCD

I was in search of jobs? Rejoice! O government from Pernambuco informs that it has just opened several job openings in Fernando de Noronha, o selective process is exclusive to people with high school complete and PCD.

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Win from R$1.200 to R$5.400 in Fernando de Noronha  

The 83 job openings in the selective process available in Fernando de Noronha include salaries from R$ 1.200 to R$ 5.400. If you've already completed the high school, or are in higher education, take advantage of this opportunity!

Applications for the selection process, in Fernando de Noronha, made available by the government will be available until May 14, 2021. About 5% of jobs available in Fernando de Noronha will be destined for people with some type of disability (PCD).

Register for the selection process  

As previously mentioned, registrations for the selection process in Fernando de Noronha for high school and PCD will be available until May 14th.  

O government offered two registration options for this selection process, either face-to-face or online. Those who choose to carry out their registration in a courses just access the post office website and send the necessary documents to the following address: Support Office in Recife, at Avenida Rio Capibaribe, 147, 6th floor, People Management Room, Santo Antônio, Recife – PE, CEP: 50020- 080.

Documentation to be sent

  • Original medical certificate for candidates with disabilities;
  • Proof of residence of any nature issued on behalf of the candidate;
  • CPF;
  • Copies of all certificates: certificates, vouchers and declarations to be scored in the curriculum evaluation.

In-person registration for the selection process in Fernando and Noronha  

If you wish to enroll in person, just go to the Arquipélago School court and hand in the documentation mentioned above.

After sending the documentation to compete for the jobs, candidates will undergo an analysis and, if they have experience, they will also undergo another analysis to prove their experience. The result of the selection process of the high school jobs and higher, made available by the government in Fernando de Noronha, will be posted on the archipelago website on May 31, 2021.

Job vacancies available in Fernando de Noronha

  • Higher level technician – social service: 1 vacancy;
  • Clinical analysis technician: 1 vacancy;
  • Nursing technician: 4 vacancies;
  • Technician in georeferencing: 1 vacancy;
  • Technician in orthopedic immobilization: 1 vacancy;
  • Radiology technician: 1 vacancy;
  • Occupational therapist: 1 vacancy;
  • General administration: 1 vacancy;
  • Environmental agent: 1 vacancy;
  • Nutritional support agent: 1 vacancy;
  • Concierge agent: 1 vacancy;
  • General services agent: 4 vacancies;
  • Administration agent: 4 vacancies;
  • Agent in health activities: 1 vacancy;
  • Document manipulation agent: 1 vacancy;
  • Administrative support II: 4 vacancies;
  • Architect: 1 vacancy;
  • Computer administrative assistant: 1 vacancy;
  • Library assistant: 2 vacancies;
  • Early Childhood Education Assistant: 7 vacancies;
  • Social worker: 1 vacancy;
  • School vehicle driver: 1 vacancy;
  • Vehicle driver: 4 spaces;
  • Socio-educational nucleus coordinator: 2 vacancies;
  • Computer lab core coordinator: 1 vacancy;
  • Pedagogical coordinator: 2 vacancies;
  • Subject educator: 2 vacancies;
  • Nurse: 2 vacancies;
  • Biochemical Pharmacist: 2 vacancies;
  • Port Inspector: 3 vacancies;
  • Physiotherapist: 1 vacancy;
  • Journalist: 1 vacancy;
  • Works and maintenance: 2 spaces;
  • Physical education teacher: 1 vacancy;
  • Kindergarten teacher – medium level: 4 vacancies.

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